Anyone waiting for 23 June
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Lou - June 21

Well it is a few days before I am due and I am waiting for the signs of af coming. I have already done an early pregnancy test and it was negative so I am not holding out much hope. To the extent that I have already got the persona that I bought a few months ago out and read all the instructions so I know what to do. The symptoms that I had I think were probably pms as I don't seem to have any now. Good luck to you all let me know how you get on. Baby dust xx


ce - June 21

Sorry to hear that Lou. I still think that you should hang in there and keep the hope alive. Prayers makes miricles happen. I will pray for you:>


rach - June 21

my af is due beginning of july but it comes when it wants my af last time was 3 days long i thought i was pretty lucky


Kelly - June 21

Hi ladies. I am due on the 23rd and had something weird happen. First of all I have been cramping of and on since cd20. Then last night I began cramping so bad I knew af was coming so I just took two Tylenol and curled up in the bed to watch tv and fall asleep. Well, I woke up this morning and nothing!! I never had any spotting, but now I am not cramping! Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am scared it is a sign that something is wrong with me medically instead of preggo because I took an early HPT on Sun. and it was negative. Any ideas?


Lou - June 21

Thanks ladies for your kind words. Kelly I have never had anything like that but I have heard that implantation cramps can sometimes be like af is coming it could be that and if so it might not show on hpt that you are pregnant yet.


ce - June 21

My period is due on the 28th. My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant this month. I am feeling most of the signs of pregnancy But I do not know if my mind is playing tricks on me. I do not want to get false hope-But it is soo hard to wait until this Saturday to take an early pregnancy test. Any advise.


Lou - June 21

Hi ce what are your symptoms


ce - June 22

Hi Lou. I have been nausues, sore and heavy feeling in my breast, and fatigued. Also, my sense of smell has hightened certain food, smells make me very nauseas. I brought an early pregnancy test but I believe that I have to wait 4 days before my period is due.


Amanda - June 22

Hi everyone, I was reading all of the posts and I wanted to share my feelings.My CD1 started on June 2 and I had an HSG test on June 10th and I believe I'm ovulating now. It feels like knots on one side and then I get a little fluttery feeling. I haven't BD since Saturday but I think me and DH will BD tonight. I'm really nervous and excited and I know all of you are as well. It's so hard to play the waiting game. Hopefully we all have some precious babies soon. So has everyone BD everyday or every other day. Mine was kind of off b/c of a petty argument me and DH had. I'm here if anyone wants to talk.


Aprilsmile - June 22

I had IUI on June 9th so technically I should be able to tell something on the 23rd. My cycle was a little off last month though, so I am not sure exactly when AF should show her ugly face. I am trying not to do a HPT until AF is late. I don't think I can look at another negative test result. No matter how long at stare at that single line, it never becomes a double. This month I want to hold on to the hope as long as I can.

The only advice I can give is not to read too much into symptoms, or lack of symptoms. Last month I was so sure because I felt sick and even got dizzy and would swear that my boobs were more swollen, but I was not pregnant. This month I really don't feel anything at all, but I am hoping. This month I am spending alot of time staring in the mirror at my breasts though. Trying to imagine that they are bigger and have blue veins showing. Maybe I am just obsessed with my own boobs!!


Lou - June 22

Hi ce it certainly sounds from what I have read like pregnancy symptoms. It is so hard to tell until you do the test and even then it might come up negative and be positive once you have missed your period. Let me know how you get on, good luck


Nicole - June 22

Well I'm in the same boat as you girls.. af due anywhere from 6/22-6/25.. Ive been ttc for about a year now and have taken at least 2 preg test a month with all BFN's!! hopefully this month i'll be lucky..i've had more willpower this month than others..i'm waiting until at least 6/27 to take a test if still no AF by then. Baby dust to all!


KT - June 22

To: Aprilsmile
I am a few days behind you. I had my IUIs on the 12th and 13th. I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who is obsessed with staring at my boobs in the mirror. Like you, I read way too much into my "symptoms" last month and nothing. I'm trying not to do that this month as it is such a letdown, but like you, I do check out my breasts in the mirror everytime I change my clothes or take a shower. I was pg last year and had a MC, and my boobs did look completely different when I was pg. I wish I could remember if it was before or after I found out I was pg that I first noticed it. There is nothing worse than looking at that single line. Best wishes to you and everyone else.


ce - June 23

Hi ladies, Today I had no obvious signs of pregnancy. I am so curious to know the results. Have any of you ladies taken an early pregnancy test 5 days before the missed period. I am nervous about taking it to early and being disappointed. My period is due 6/28. When should I take it- This Sat / Sun? Please advise:>


Kelly - June 23

Well, I am spotting so I guess back to the drawing board!!! Good luck to the rest waiting :) Lots and lots of baby dust your way ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


ce - June 24

When you say spotting what do you mean? What color is it ? and how much blood? Please explain I may have the same symtoms - Does that mean implantation or pregnancy?



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