anyone used a tesco pregnancy test before????
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kerry - October 15

Please help!!!! Am due AF on 16th (Sun) or 17th(Mon), been having major symptoms last 10 days or so, breasts tingly, larger than normal, blue veins, got a horrible coin taste in my mouth, been eating loads, and the last two days my breasts dont feel as heavy but still a bit painful to touch underneath and the sides, I have also got really bad lower back ache all across from one side to the other, usually I get some feeling in my tummy that AF is on her way but havent had that really as bad as I normally do....anyways, today (Sat 15th) I was so anxious, tearful with fear I think!! and ended up buying a pregnancy test (tesco own brand in UK) it says to be used from first day of missed period but couldnt wait.......anyways after 3-4 minutes there is a very very very very faint line in the result window.....I thought I was just imagining it but showed my boyfriend who can also see it, and now I am wondering if it is a positive and hasnt shown up well cos it was too early and I had drank loads all afternoon which your not supposed to do prior to a test OR is that line always there ready to show up dark on a positive test????? I remember my last pregnancy test 7 years ago had only a faint line on it but more visible than the one I got today.......I have done several tests the last few months and there has not been ANY line in the result window............just hope I'm not hoping too much for a + result but wondered if anyone else had such a faint line that was a positive?????


Lia - October 15

I've never heard of that brand...but a line is a line no matter how light it is. Congratulations and have a happy and healthy 9 months.


sandra - October 16

hi kerry, i am in glasgow uk and have used tesco brand and the test didnt show up any lines at all, so it didnt work. i took it to customer services and they offered me another for free. I tried it and it did show negative. Going from experience i like clear blue tests ( a bit more expensive) but more reliable I think. If any line shows no matter how faint, I would take it as a positive. Could be there is not enough hcg to make the line darker. If i was you I would try another test. The signs all seem to be there - especially the metal taste yuk! Are you trying for a baby? Keep me posted x


kerry - October 16

Well...................3 tests later ( one was "fast response" brand, they all shown a faint line, phoned the chemist and she said yup if theres a line theres a line take it as a positive!!!!!! YIKES! LOL!! Taken me 2 years to get here, and now I cant believe it!! Good luck to everyone else.lots of baby dust to you all, keep praying, it will happen eventually!! X


sandra - October 17

to kerry, congratulations! Hope you're keeping well. Good luck


to everyone... - October 18

don't bother buying any test from supermarkets or pahramcyes and local stores and waste your hard earned money on 2 meesly tests.
you get a loadful for the fraction of a price directly form the net..and these ones are the ones docs adn hospital much can get even the very very early detections 10uml ones...though i tell you...i always buy my test 25-50 of them as well opk's in
bunchfulls and only pay $20 at most...i use those other ones as emergency if i ran out of mine....but can get test mad and badly obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jxxx - October 28

welll i dont no wich one anyone is talkkin about coz i lost my instructions ;( but how does it work? my one went all red then the little cirle remaind like a really faint circle like figure somone help what am i goin to do?



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