Anyone use Femara?
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ChritinaS - April 2

I was on clomid for 3 months plus metformin without any like. I started going to a specailist in Jan2005 and he put me on Femara a drug used for breast cancer. Also had me on metformin, and I had the dye test. I got pregnant that cycle now I'm 7w6d. Anyone taken Femara?


bump - April 3



kerri - April 12

I was placed on femara after having 1 baby than 2 miscarriages, 1 tubal, and than I couldn't get pregnant. I got pregnant the very first month I tried after femara and had a healthy baby boy and it made me feel great the last 2 wks of my cycle.


Melissa - April 13

Christina I am so excited for you. Congrats. I am also starting the Femara plus metformin for this cycle. I just had a MC last month. I am really hoping this works. I have heard really good outcomes with this combo. Also Kerri that is great news.


Trixy - August 23

I have finished 4 months of clomid and now they are putting me on femara ?? any information on this ?? side effects ? statistics on success ?? I NEED ANYTHING I CAN GET ON THIS DRUG will be helpful



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