Anyone tried hpt that detects 10mIU/mL???
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babyloves2play - March 8

I just read that each of us always have around 5 mIU/mL or less in our urine at all times. I've been using Frist Response hpt's but they only detect 20mIU/mL. I found another hpt that can detect 10-15mIU/mL. Supposedly they can detect if you are pregnant 6 days after conception. Can be found on Has anyone ever tried one these more sensitive tests with success?


kristie - March 8

Hi Baby, I used one that tesested that low called fortel. To me it's ok it show a faint line but i used it after i used one that detects 20-25miu/ml and that also showd a faint line. But when i used that 10miu/ml i was due for my periods and not b4/ When i did test b4 i was due with a 10miu/ml it showd -tve. Goog luck.


soimpatient - March 9

Kristie, When the test showed negative...we're you actually pregnant? Or was the test accurate?



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