Anyone taken 2 femara pills a day had a problem?
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Sandy - January 17

i have been on Femara 4mths 1st 1 pill for 3 cycles and then 2 pills for 1 cycle...i also have pcos and thyroid disorder and suppose to take synthroid but i have stop taking it for about 2 weeks now and feel alot better...anyway i havent had a cycle this month and i should have had one starting the 4 i have spotted like some light light brown stuff just in the morning and that is question is has anyone take Femara 2 pills a day had this happen to them...i haven't taking the pg test yet cause i don't want to be dissappointed so i am trying to find another reason it could happen beside that...i thought maybe the not taking synthyroid could have done it...but it takes weeks to get out of your system the dr said....i don't want to call my RE cause they will ask have you took the test yet.....i feel fine no sick feelings....i don't know any ideas ...are any story you want to share feel free to do so....thanks alot Sandy...oh one more thing i had my tubes tested in Dec and everything was fine...maybe that has something to do with it....Sandy



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