anyone starting IVF ? Cilce day 10
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angie35 - August 15

I've tried IUi with no succes due to DH low sperm count. Now we moved into IVF. I'm exicted and nervous at the same time.. Anyone to share the journey with me?


Mega - August 15

Hi Angie! I'm starting IVF this cycle too. I'm on Lupron now, will start my stims on Saturday, Follistim. We've done several IUIs too but decided to try IVF when we learned DH's low morphology was getting worse. I hear ya about being both excited & nervous, I'm feeling the exact same way. There's another thread on this board called Starting IVF July/August--Support for First Timers that I'm on too. Lots of supportive women, I'd love it if you joined us there as well. We just had several back to back go into retrival & transfer and a couple ladies are waiting to start in a couple of months. So that makes me the only one just starting to cycle now so it would be nice to have someone on my similar timeframe! So when you say you're on CD 10 does that mean you start stims today? What are you taking?


angie35 - August 15

I'm still taking BCP. I guess I have a long way to go. I will not start suppression until CD 21. Tomorrow I have my consultation with the IVF coordinator at my clinic to go over all the insurance paperwork and also to show my DH how to apply the injections!! That's something I have to see.. He'll learn from sure but I know he's a bit scared about this whole process...


Mega - August 15

It moves fast--you'll see!!! That's exciting about the consultation tomorrow! It's good to have the chance for your DH to learn shot techniques 101! He'll learn quick enough, but better on a shot cushion than on you! :) Did you ever take injectibles while doing IUIs? We did 2 injectible cycles & those were with IM shots and now this IVF is with subq shots so it's much better this time around. So you have ins. coverage for IVF? That's wonderful! We don't have coverage at all unfortunately but we're doing Shared Risk so we can do several cycles of IVF/FETs now and if we're not successful we'll get a refund. So that's worth it for the peace of mind. Good luck tomorrow, I'm eager to hear how your consult goes.



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