Anyone ovulated with HCG shots???
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Nena - May 19

I don't ovulate regularly as I don't have regular cycle. I have to induce my ovaries with HCG shots to produce eggs. I also have done HSG (hysterosalpingogram) week ago and thanks GOD my tubes are ok. Has anyone took these shots, please share with me your story.


Nena - May 20



Zi - May 20

Hi Hena!!! I got my HCG shot two days ago and I ovulated the next day. This month was my first cycle of clomid. After clomid, the nurse gave me HCG shot to induce the ovulation. In two weeks, I'm going to have my pregnancy test. Also, this month we are trying to get pregnat with intercouse. If this month does not work, we will have the IUI. In march I had my HSG test on March 8th, I got pregnant on March 14th. Unfortunately, I miscarried. We'we been trying to get pregnant for the last 18 months.


Nena - May 23

Hi Zi. Thank you for your response. I am waiting my af and then on the first day I will start with HCG shots. I am so sorry for your m/c but you know that you can become pregnant and that is important. Any side effects with HCG shots, please let me know. Good luck and baby dust***



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