Anyone on Follistim (Puregon) 1 cycle, 2ww, Need a buddy
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lifequest - June 30

lqtoo...your right, it might just happen...look at this way with all the hundreds of people on this website, what are the chances of meeting someone from the same clinic and dr...when mostly everyone on this site is American...maybe that's a good sign too. Or, if that's not enough at least we've found a friend to share these hard times with..
I heard a story at the hair dressers today, a couple had been ttc for 8 years, and thought it was impossible. Went for treatment and within 2 years after doing IVF, they ended up having tripplets. All fine, and mommy doing fine too. Now the babies are about 8 mths old and guess what she's expecting another baby(she's 5 week preg)...with out help! Now that's what I call a FAMILY!


lqtoo - June 30

I love hearing those success stories! It is pretty amazing that we go to the same clinic...hopefully that will bring us both luck. Anyway I'll be offline all weekend... Happy Canada Day and I hope that "cold" of yours translates into 10 tiny fingers and toes!


lifequest - June 30

All the best to you too, and Happy Canada's Day....have a good wkend.


TracyR - July 2

lifequest & lqtoo... It is so awesome that you can both share experiences so closely! Too ironic really! Keep me updated with both of you! I am excited for you both! Good luck & Happy Canada Day!!!


lifequest - July 2

Hey TracyR, I just wanted to say thanks very much and Happy Canada's Day too.
You keep us posted too! Baby dust**************to ya!


lqtoo - July 4

Hey Lifequest and Tracy, hope Canada Day was fun for you both. Lifequest, you must be pretty excited by now. Are you going to test early? I did my IUI over the went really well. The first one was easy on Saturday, and then on Sunday I had major ovulation pains, and when I saw the doctor in the afternoon, he told me that all four eggs had dropped. And when he went to the the IUI, my cervix had closed (to keep the sperm in there, so they could do their magic). I am hopefull for good results, since everything happened exactly as it should have. Baby dust to you both!!!


lifequest - July 4

Hi lqtoo, We had a really nice Canada Day, hope you did too.
As for testing early I just did a test, and it very clear that it'sa BFN. Not only is it negative but I think I"m starting my period as we speak. I went to wip and say streaks of blood, so where there's blood AF is sure to follow for don't think it's gonna happen this month for me. Your IUI sounded like a great success. How do you know your cervix closed. That's great! Best of luck to you, I'll keep you posted if anything changes.


lqtoo - July 4

Oh sh*@t! That sucks that af has come. Are you going to do another cycle if the BFN is confirmed? They say that it generally happens within 3 cycles, and since this was your first you should not give up hope. I know it will happen for you. As for my cervix being closed, the Dr and my husband could both see the difference - on Saturday it looked like a donut, and on Sunday, it was closed - the Dr had to use another type of catheter to get the sperm in there.


lifequest - July 4

Iqtoo, that sounds !
Well I won't give up...I really want a baby. I am still going for blood work Thur. and I will do the cycle monitoring this month without injections anyways. I'm just going to pray, and never lose faith.


lqtoo - July 5

Lifequest, I read on another post that you didn't actually get af - that it was just spotting. Has this continued, or was it just that one time? If so, then there is still hope that you did it the first time!! Are you experiencing other symptoms besides the cold-flu like stuff you were talking about before?


lifequest - July 5

Hi lqtoo, I'm sorry I forgot to update this thread. After yesturday I did not bleed all day. It was only that one time. And it was only on my tp. I feel a little sick, now and than, but nothing that really stands out there. I'm confused. I keep checking for more blood and only get watery dishcharge on my tp. Clear to light light yellow. How you doing?


lqtoo - July 5

Well, no more blood is a good sign. I don't think it would be implantation bleeding, because implantation should take place 5-10 dpo. But lots of women lightly spot throughout their pregnancies, with no problem at all - I don't think it's a cause for alarm. I would test again tomorrow morning before your Beta. Because of all the hormones in our systems from our regiment, it might be difficult to get a bfp until we are actually due for af.


lqtoo - July 5

Oh yeah, and as for me, I feel completely normal and not pregnant. No symptoms at all (except for checking this forum for news obsessively - ha ha!). But I guess only being 3 dpo, I shouldn't be feeling anything anyways. It's too soon to tell.


lifequest - July 5

lqtoo: as per my update: No new sypmtoms to report. But just minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and had a lot more blood, I think It's AF, this time...forsure. I do BETA, tommorow, but I'm not confident about my results. Best of Luck to you!!!ate...


lifequest - July 5

lqtoo, disregard those last 3 letters "ate" I'm not sure what happened there when I was typing to you.


TracyR - July 10

Lifequest & lqtoo... How are you 2 doing? I had my doctor's appointment on Friday. He switched me to Femara. So we'll see how that works for me. It can't be any worse that it was with the clomid. I didn't ovulate with it at all. Good luck Ladies!



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