Anyone on Follistim (Puregon) 1 cycle, 2ww, Need a buddy
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TracyR - July 10

Lifequest & lqtoo... How are you 2 doing? I had my doctor's appointment on Friday. He switched me to Femara. So we'll see how that works for me. It can't be any worse that it was with the clomid. I didn't ovulate with it at all. Good luck Ladies!


JenG - July 10

Hi, I am on my 2ww (dpo 11) and was on Follistim this month. What kind of symptoms did you guys have? I had a lot of weird twinges and my boobs have been tender. Just want to know what is normal.


lifequest - July 10

Goodluck TracyR...let me know how that goes.JenG, well I just finished my IUI (cycle 1)...with a BFN. As for sytptoms...well I had those twinges you explained, the whole 2 weeks, on and off. I felt a bit of nassua...gas/bloated, but in the was negative. So I wish you the best....if your boobs hurt, that sounds promising! Baby dust to all!



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