Anyone in the torturous 2ww?
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Elyse - February 17

I am 1 week in and it is dragging!!! I will probably cheat on Monday (of course) and hope for the best.


gabby - February 17

hi elyse :) I am on the 2ww. 8dpo. Definetly dragging for me too.. I think I will test Monday too..


Elyse - February 17

Hi Gabby - are you the same Gabby that lives in NJ? Wow - we are very close in cycles. Which hpt do you usually use? I am so tempted to test this weekend, but I really want to wait. If I were stronger, I'd wait to go to the dr on Thurs!


gabby - February 17

Hi Elyse, yes it is me, gabby from NJ. Yes we are very close in cycles. Although mine seems to be changing monthly. I usually use the dollar tree tests when I get crazy testing every day, but sometimes I use Clearblue. What do you use? I want to test this weekend too, but I think it is too early. Thats why I buy the dollar store tests ;)


Dianna - February 18

I am about 7dpo and I am not to excited anymore I have very sore boobs my nips are sensitive it feel like cuts and I get a burning feeling in my boobs. I am always burping and it leaves a bad after taste in my mouth. I drink lots of water and yet im still thirsty.Im having lower back pains and mild cramps below my belly button. The reason im not getting my hopes up is because I saw on a post that you can experience these symtoms if you are on metformin and clomid. I am not trying to bring any body down I guess im just venting. To each and every one of you a truck load of Baby dust and Belly rubs


Dianna - February 18



SashaP - February 18

Dianna am I gonna find you every thread? I hope your having a good day. I'm still having the same symptoms the cramping is getting a little more intense. I can't wait to test on the 27th. When is everybody else going to test? Baby dust..


gabby - February 18

Hi Sasha, what kind of cramping are you having? I am 8 dpo and I have been having AF-like back cramping. I am not sure if it is af cramps or what..


SashaP - February 18

It feels like a tugging it's moved from above my pubic bone and has spread to right below my belly button I'm also 8 dpo. I have cronic back pain so it's hard for me to tell a difference.


Dianna - February 18

Hey Sasha !! LMAO this is the first time I laughed today. On top of all this waiting I am coming down with a cold. At least im with a group that is going through the same thing TTC. I am going to wait until the 28th to test im suppose to get AF on the 25th but being that im on clomid and Metformin and im on a 28cd I have read that clomid can change up your cycle. Now if any of you ladies test and you get a BFP then I will go buy a HPT and join the crowd. Take care all Baby Dust~~~~~


SashaP - February 18

Dianna it's going to seem like I'm stalking you if I keep finding you on all the threads. They are so addictive though. I told DD to come over to my other thread hopefully she will. Baby dust..


dee - February 18

Hi everyone. I am 5dpo. Had first IUI on Valentines Day. Not getting my hopes up though. Only produced one egg. They said that is all they want.But I was hoping for two. :) Maybe next month if this one doesnt work.


Elyse - February 18

Hey all you late-nighters. I was sleeping, though not well, while you ladies were chatting it up. I have NO symptoms whatsoever. So I have no idea. My only hope is that my progesterone was a very positive sign 7 dpo - it was 36. So, hopefully I will get a BFP on Monday when I cheat. Gabby, which Dollar Tree do you get the tests from? I'm in Cranford and never realized that Dollar stores carried hpt's. What a great idea.Everyone else - I am sorry for all your symptoms, but maybe it's the babies tugging at your heart (and boobs, etc. saying - "Get ready, Mom, here I come!" BABY DUST.


Lilly - February 18

Hi girlls, I had yesturday IUI first time and now I am on 2ww.Still have some cramps but it is not so bad.Just hopping that little swimers will have enough time to meet the eggs.Actualy, is any girll had not masurable follies, they not been to small, in left had just one mature and second was smaller like hyding a bit, and on right had just 23mm cyst or egg they couldnt say and second small egg again.So I think had just one good size.Is any girll can answer to me is possible to have two eggs in 1 follie?And if you have hcg shot, what chanse is to O small follies?Baby dust to all.


Dianna - February 18

GM I Have been taking my BBT and it was 98.6 then it rise to 98.8 then yesterday drop to 98.4. this morning Sat 2/18/06 I took it and it was 99.1 it has never been that high I was so shock I took it 3x's before I went to the bathroom. DH ask if I was ok. I couldn't speak im hoarse last night my throat became sore and now I have a chest cold. I stop taking the mucinex three days ago I guess I should of never stop until I get my BFP. I don't know if I should go back to taking the Mucinex.Boobs are still sore nips still sensitive having pain under my belly button off and on now my lower back hurts and my right butt is having some pain.Im hoping this is not the effect of the Metformin and Clomid Dr. put me on.You ladies take care and Sasha yes im getting hooked on these thresds. I had get my name in Red put it keep telling me something about enable cookies. I don't know what that means.Well to all of you Lots of baby dust and belly rubs to you all


SashaP - February 18

Dianna to enable your cookies go to tools on your tool bar then to Internet Options- click on Privacy- then you click on Sites after that you can type in the website that you want to allow the cookies to be enabled on. You should be all set after that. Hope that helps. Have a good day I'll post later.


Chas - February 18

Hi guys! I am also on the 2ww. It sucks! I think I have been having a few little twinges in my lower abdomen, but I guess that could be gas! (im trying not to see too much into it) I am about 8 dpo, I think I will test on Monday just to see. I hoping for not another disapointment. I haven't been testing in the past months, I have just waited on af. I have a good feeling, but maybe it's just hoping too much. I have been having some really strange dreams lately. Anyone else have weird dreams?



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