Anyone in the torturous 2ww?
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Chas - February 18

Hi guys! I am also on the 2ww. It sucks! I think I have been having a few little twinges in my lower abdomen, but I guess that could be gas! (im trying not to see too much into it) I am about 8 dpo, I think I will test on Monday just to see. I hoping for not another disapointment. I haven't been testing in the past months, I have just waited on af. I have a good feeling, but maybe it's just hoping too much. I have been having some really strange dreams lately. Anyone else have weird dreams?


gabby - February 18

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a nice weekend. Elyse, there are dollar trees all over, a few on route 22, and on route 9. I am not sure about other dollar stores though, I just know that the ones at dollar tree seem to work pretty good, they have a sensitivity of 25 miu. Same as most of the expensive ones. Best wishes everyone :)


Elyse - February 19

Thanks, Gabby - I went to one yesterday - didn't have any, but it wasn't a dollar tree. So I ended up with a FRER. Got a BFN this morning. I am 10 dpiui, so it may be too early, but I was SO SURE this time. Oh well. Wanna cry.


gabby - February 19

hi Elyse, sorry about the BFN :( But it is only 10 dpiui, may just be too early.. I have not tested yet. When are you testing again?


Elyse - February 19

I would like to wait til Tuesday, but knowing me, it will be 1st thing tomorrow morning and then I'll have to get more tests.


gabby - February 19

I will test tuesday I think, unless I get weak and test tomorrow. lol Do you have any symptoms?


Elyse - February 19

zippo, zilch, nada! Not a single thing to indicate anything.


gabby - February 19

me either. nothing


Elyse - February 20

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't posted. I still have no symptoms and another bfn this morning. This cycle is ovr for me. It feels like such a loss every time the bfn shows.


gabby - February 20

Hi Elyse, its not over yet, AF hasnt come has it? Are you testing tomorrow? I think I am going to test tomorrow..


AliciaO - March 1

Well Hello Everyone! I hope this is not a dead thread! I am on the nasty 2ww myself and terribly bored! I am either on 8 Days Post O or 4, I am not entirely sure... Well if anyone is still here, please write back!


babyloves2play - March 4

Hi AliciaO, I'm now on the 2ww. I've started having symptoms like headaches, decreased appetite, nausea on occasion, hot flashes, sore nips (sorta feel fuller but could be my imagination), cramping and feeling weepy. Did an hpt on cd 20 but was neg. Not sure when I ovulated.....opk fluctuated a pos. on different days, probably cause I was on clomid-100mg days 5-9. But had sex almost everyday so I had to hit it. Hoping to do another hpt next week.



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