Anyone had these symptoms?
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Lynn - March 10

I have had a pain right around my right ovary that ranges from mild achiness to actual pain. This is alos accompanied by lower back pain too. It started just after my last AF and now I am halfway through my cycle & it's still there, seems like it might be going away. It got really intense the other day, right around the time I was ovulating and then subsided alittle.. I went to the doc & he said cyst, got a sono & no cyst. They actually said that my left ovary was a little bigger than my right... now the doc can't give my any answers, says go to the gyn..said that it still could have been a cyst, just on the back of my ovary.. anyone had anything like this before? I'm worried a little about endo... I'm 28, sson to be 29 & ttc for the first time. was on bcp for 10 years before, never had any problems. been off bcp for 10 months now, ttc for 3... how long doe sit take endo to flare up after being off bcp?


jb - March 10

i am in pain too due scan nextb thursday im on day 14 and feel like my ovaries are exploding plus i have bad head and feel dizzy xx


Tia B. - March 12

Ok Lynn. Here's the skinny. You may have a host of problems. But, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder of the ovary that can lead to infertility. It is estimated that between 5-10% of the childbearing age women will have PCOS, however, 30% of women may have symptoms of the disease. Symptoms of PCOS can include:

Cysts on the ovaries
Irregular periods
Increased miscarriage rates
Increased androgen levels
Weight gain/obesity
Issues with diabetes related symptoms
Pelvic pain
Increased lipid levels
Skin symptoms (from acne to skin growths)
Thinning hair, baldness
IF yu have any of these, I suggest seeing that endocronologist. They actually deal with this disorder alot more than you might think. In addition to PCOS, there is Ovarian Cancer.
Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are

unusual abdominal feeling of fullness
pelvic discomfort
unexplained indigestion, gas, or bloating
pain during sexual intercourse
abnormal bleeding
swelling and/or pain in the abdomen

either way honey, suck it up, don't eat out for a week to save the money if oyu need to and go to the Dr. You'll feel so much better if you are able to get an answer


Lynn - March 12

Tia, thanks for the info, but I've been to the dr. & they can't tell me anything. I really don't think its PCOS -- I had a sono & there aren't any cysts, AF comes as regularly as the mailman & I have no other symptoms. Right now the consensus is leaning more towards endo, if anything. I would like to know if anyone has had endo & been on bcp to control it & then went off, how long did it take for the endo to come back? Had my sono & everything with the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus looks good.



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