Anyone get pregnant on Repronex?
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cmelissa - May 24

Just want to know if anyone out there has gotten pregnant on injectibles or knows anyone who has? I'm currently on my 2nd cycle and need some optimism! Thanks!


Mega - May 24

You know I'm still waiting for my success story on Repronex too. But I do work with someone who has an adorable almost 2 yr old son conceived on Repronex. She did it on her last injectible IUI cycle, they were going to switch to IVF if that cycle hadn't have been successful. So keep the faith cmelissa, it can happen. As I keep reminding myself too.


cmelissa - May 24

THanks Mega!! I just haven't heard of too many people getting pregnant on it. I tend to hear more success stories on clomid. Hopefully we will have success stories to tell soon! :)


Mega - May 25

I know. I think that could be though that more people on this board have tried Clomid though, that's why we see more sucess stories. That #'s game again. At least that's my theory. I hear ya though, it would be great if we became the next success stories & KristRye joined us next month on her round #2 too.


KristRye - May 26

Hi ladies. Sorry that I have been gone MIA for so long. I have just been so busy w/ work and then I am having issues w/ my computer. (Enough about that.) Melissa....I also wish that there were more people on this board. Then maybe we can get a little more hope. :) My RE did tell me that Repronex is one of the best injectibles because it has pretty high success rates w/ both IVF and IUI and it has the LOWEST side effects. But, I like you.....wish I knew someone who got pregnant the first time w/ Repronex and IUI w/ twins. Wouldn't that be some positive news at a time like now? How is your new house? Are you moved in? Unpacking? Loving it?? :) Well, you are what 5 days into the TWW. How about you Mega? Where are you in your cycle? I finally did stop bleeding but I am going to just TTC this month w/o anything. I need a break. After having two very painful periods back to back I am going to do one normal cycle this month and then in June I will start take the pill and then in July I will start again w/ the Repronex cycle. The second time I had started bleeding it was just very painful and I was feeling sick to my stomach. I did call my RE and they said that next time they will only do 2 vials on day three then one half every other day unless I need more based off of the u/s findings. I feel glad about that because I only took 14 of the 24 vials that they ordered me and so really I may only need to use 6 of the 10 on this next cycle and then my only out of pocket cost will be for two u/s and two E2's because I already paid for the actual procedure and the sperm washing etc. I just wish that all of this would happen much faster. I have been TTC for four years already......I AM BECOMING INPATIENT!!! lol But what can you do? Nothing. Just keep trying to stay positive, not stressing, try not to think about it....except for all those doctor appts, medication and injections LOL...and last but not least....don't give up hope. It will happen. Well, I have some work I have to do around the house. Take care ladies and good luck. (Wishing us all success.) :)


cmelissa - May 26

Hey Mega and Krist,
Right now I'm 8 or 9 dpo, I find out on Tuesday if I'm pregnant. I have been having cramping and sore bbs, but I had that last cycle and was not pregnant. Keeping my fingers crossed! Our settlement got delayed till Wednesday now, so next week we will start moving our stuff! My sister who is pregnant is coming into town tonight with her 2 yr old son - he is so cute! Its hard though b/c I want to be pregant so bad - she got pregnant 1st try both times - so unfair!! Well hope you ladies have a winderful 3 day weekend!!


KristRye - May 27

Melissa, Hopefully you will get your BFP prior to closing. It will be a VERY NICE excuse not to have to move anything. LOL Afterall you aren't suppose to lift anything when you are pregnant. :) I know how you feel about the entire sister thing. My older sister got pregnant w/ my neice w/o even trying. She was a "mistake". WHATEVER THAT MEANS??? Here I am planning and planning and trying and trying and she just lays down one time and WAH LAH!! LOL My neice is so wonderful though. I love her so much. She is four. I know how hard it is to see everyone around just get pregnant when you feel like you have been trying forever. Maybe this month you will have great news. Anyway, I read on the threads about someone who got pregnant on her second IUI. She wasn't on Repronex but she was on injectibles. :) I used to go to that website mostly but the threads there have so many people it's hard to get real conversations going. :) Some threads are less than others. Well, enjoy your sister and her kids this weekend and just try to relax. :) I am totally routing for you. Sit tight....only four days left and it's a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGG weekend. :) YEAH!!


cmelissa - May 30

Hey Mega and Krist,
Well I took a HPT today and I got a BFN. I'm truly devastated, I really thought this was it!! Its just so mind teasing b/c I had the mild cramping and sore bbs. I almost didn't even cry since I wasn't expecting anything. I'm starting to lose hope now. I know its the only 2nd time trying repronex but mh dh had a great sperm count this past time and I had 2 mature eggs - it just doesn't amke sense that I'm not getting pregnant when all of our tests are normal!! What's the normal on trying with the repronex? How many cycles should I try? I feel I have a higher chance with IVF, but thats so expensive. Let me know what you all think! I can't beleive it I'm not pregnant, I'm right now 12dpo, so I'm most likely not pregnant! :(


Mega - May 30

Oh cmelissa, I'm so sorry about the BFN. What DPO are you today? What 12 or 13 DPIUI, right? Could be a little early, esp. if you're only 12 DPO. It's so weird to me that IUI doesn't work every time, it seems like it should. But maybe #3 will work for you!! It's not terribly uncommon for it to take 2 or 3 or more attempts. I had my first follie check today. One follie at 16 mm, 1 at 13, 1 at 12.5 & 2 at 10 mm, so we're taking a calculated risk & letting the other follies play catch up this time. Normally my dr said he'd have me trigger tomorrow but instead I'll do 3 vials tonite of Repro, 3 tomorrow & have another u/s on Thursday & probably trigger that night too. Looks like I'll be doing the IUI on Saturday. Well, I just found out that in April my dr decided to run a morphology report on DH's sample too, which isn't standard procedure for an IUI washing but since my DH has a history of low morphology he wanted to check things out. 0% morphology. No wonder I had that BFN last time, huh?! This will definitely be my last IUI, we're saving money now for IVF-ICSI. We want to do the shared risk, but my dr said that if DH has 0% morphology this time as well we won't get accepted into that program. Fortunately we can afford to 1 cycle right now, but it would be nice to do shared risk & have the other cycles to fall back on. KristRye--You're body could probably use the break any way. I'm sure being less hormonely overloaded will be a nice change of pace. So, are your AF's usually painful? Do you tend to get crampy normally? Is it just worse this time maybe with all the meds? I don't think I've ever checked out the I dream of Baby website. I'll take a look at that today. But maybe first I should get some work done! :) Cmelissa--good luck this week with the big move. You've got a busy week. Hope you both had a good memorial day weekend.


cmelissa - May 30

Hey Mega,
Yep 12 dpo today. You would think you would get pregnant so easily doing the IUI since they are placing the sperm right there ya know - its such a mystery how some people get preggers so easily! I'm glad I started when I did, I'm 28 now so still sort of young! Its just hard when everyone you know is pregnant or already has kids.
Thats great about your u/s, the 16 is pretty much mature, the more the merrier though :).. I guess we will try the repronex 2-3 more times and then move on to IVF or try a different med? Who knows this is all so expensive and time consuming, very overwhelming at times. At least I have the big move to look forward to this week and next, that will keep my mind off ttc. Whats that other website? Let me know how your next u/s goes!


Mega - May 30

You're still in the game, cmelissa. It could be too early for that BFP. But that's good that you have a plan though in case this cycle isn't it for you. And you're right, you're still young. Yes, this TTC is expensive & time consuming. I never thought it would come to IVF-ICSI for me, but with the 0% morphology I don't see another option really. But yes, hopefully I'll respond well to the meds this cycle, that'll ease my mind a bit about my odds with IVF. Hopefully though it won't come to that for you all. Thanks, I'll let ya know Thurs. how my follies grow. Good luck with this cycle. Hopefully you just tested a little early.


Mega - June 1

How you doing cmelissa? Have you continued doing HPTs since that BFN or are you just waiting for AF to show/no show? You're what, 14 DPO today? How's the packing/unpacking going? I know you've been busy...busy...busy this week. Is that helping take your mind of the 2 WW? Well, I had my best response ever. I have 3 follies that are definitely big enough to release, 2 around 17.5, 1 at 20+ and 2 more that are on the fence, somewhere around 14.5 or so. I'm so happy with this response. I don't think enough time has passed for the morph to have improved that much so I'm not holding out a lot of hope on getting PG this cycle but I'm so happy that I responded so well b/c that means I'll respond even better to the IVF meds when I do that. Yay! Last time on Repro I only had 1, which is all I ever had with Clomid too. KristRye--how are you doing on this break cycle? Anything new with you?


cmelissa - June 2

Hey Mega,
How are you!! Thats so great about the follies, I love having more than 1!!! Well I had the worst cramping today and tonight I starting spotting, so I'm sure AF is not too far behind :(.. Just want it to get here now so I can move on to cycle 3 on repronex, I really hope 3 is a charm - b/c money is running low if you know what I mean!! We may take July off since we will be going to Florida for DH sisters wedding and than to Atlanta to visit my sis... The house is going great - we settled on Wednesday!! Today I had our washer and dryer delivered, let our painters start painting - looks great - we are using Sienna Sand color - very nice!! We also had ADT come b/c I feel safer with an alarm system even though our neighborhood is safe. I also got to meet 2 of our neighbors who are so nice. we have a lot in common and they will be fun to hang out with!! I'm hoping to go see the movie the Break Up tomorrow with my mom and go get a pedicure to relax!! Mega - are you still doing the IUI? Krist - what's going on? Well hope all is well!! Talk to you soon!! Oh Mega how much is the IVF going to cost you? Are you going to pay for 1 cycle or do the package deal?


azgirl - June 2

Repronex worked for me with IVF. My body responded to the drug very well and produced 23 good eggs. I tried clomid but it didn't work as well as the reponex. I am now pregnant with twins. I never had any side effects but just wanted to tell you my story since it helped me. Good Luck


Mega - June 2

Hi, Azgirl! Congrats on the twins. That's great. How far along are you? 23 eggs, that is a great response. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I so need to hear that right now. IVF is definitely the next step for me. Hi Melissa. Glad you're settling into your new house. How exciting! Really sounds like it's coming a long. I'll be interested in hearing how you like The Break Up, looks cute but I'm mainly saying that b/c I don't think you could go wrong with a Vince Vaughn movie. :) Love him! Enjoy the pedi too. I'm sorry about the cramping & spotting. I hope it's not AF, but like you said if it has to be AF I hope she doesn't string you along. I'll still keep my fingers' crossed for you, it's not over til it's full flow. Thanks. Yes, it's nice to know I can produce more than 1 follie at a time. :) We hope to do the package deal but my dr said unless DH's morphology improves we won't get accepted into the shared risk package deal. So here's hoping this time the morphology is above 0%! I think the IVF + ICSI is going to cost around $16 K plus meds. Yikes! That's a lot of $$$ for us. But if that's what it takes, that's what it takes I guess.


Mega - June 2

Oh, the $16 K is just if we do the Shared Risk, otherwise at my clinic 1 cycle (not including drugs) is like $6,300.


cmelissa - June 3

Hey Mega, Well AF arrived today full blown, I have a dr. appt set up for tomorrow morning to make sure all is good for this next cycle!! Hope it works this month since we were going to take a break in July!!! How many IVF's does that 16K include?? I think it is a lot more expensive here - will have to check into it!! AZGIRL - thats such great news - thanks so much for sharing!! What's your story?? Were you not ovulating? How exciting twins - are they boys/girls?? Well any advice would help!! Did you get pregnant on the first time doing IVF?



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