Anyone get pregnant on Repronex?
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cmelissa - June 3

Hey Mega, Well AF arrived today full blown, I have a dr. appt set up for tomorrow morning to make sure all is good for this next cycle!! Hope it works this month since we were going to take a break in July!!! How many IVF's does that 16K include?? I think it is a lot more expensive here - will have to check into it!! AZGIRL - thats such great news - thanks so much for sharing!! What's your story?? Were you not ovulating? How exciting twins - are they boys/girls?? Well any advice would help!! Did you get pregnant on the first time doing IVF?


Mega - June 3

Melissa--I'm so sorry about AF's arrival. Hopefully 3rd's a charm for you. That's how long it took my coworker to conceive her kiddo on Repro. The 16 K is the Shared Risk cost, so that's 3 IVF's & 3 FETs. I'm sure your area is a lot more expensive. Hopefully not though. Anyway, hang in there. I hope your drs goes well & good luck with this next cycle. Keep me posted.


cmelissa - June 3

Hey Mega,
Went to the dr. today - they want me to take a break this cycle b/c my ovaries are still swollen from last cycle - I'm totally bummed out b/c we are going to have to take a break in July too b/c we will be out of town a lot that month - so 2 months wasted already.. However he said we could still get pregnant on our own ya never now - I'm gogin to go buy ovulation tests so I can make sure to do it the right times!! I checked into IVF b/c he said we'd probably only do 2 more repronex cycles and than move onto IVF. Its like 22,000 for 7 IVF's, I beleive there are some other costs ontop of that. Its about 10K for one time so that freaks me out!! Its almost worth it to pay the 22k b/c if you do it twice its worth the 7 cycles. Thats so expensive though, we'd have to take out a loan b/c obviously we don't have that kind of money!! Hows your cycle going?? Have a great weekend!!


Mega - June 5

Hi. Sorry about the 2 breaks in a row, that's tough. But our poor bodies really need a break I think. And your dr's right, it's very possible that you could get pg on your own. Wouldn't that be nice? I hear ya on the package deal for IVF, b/c it's very scary spending all that $ for 1 cycle & having it not work. Very expensive stuff though. We're going to have to use a bulk of our savings I think & probably put the rest on the credit card. I had my IUI Saturday, I was much more crampy than usual but I think that was from Oing more than the IUI. I used the heating pad on my tummy that helped a lot. I really think I O'ed all 5 follies this time. Since I usually produce only 1, my body isn't used to all those eggies. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. The crampiness was worth it. :) Our count was way down though. the total motile count (TMC) for the IUI was 14 mil. , even though the prewash count was over 100 mil. Does that mean almost all those suckers were dead/misshapen then? We haven't got the results back yet from the morphology. I'll call later this week for that result. Good luck with the OPKs. Have you seen the Answer Cup? You get 1 pee cup & like 20 test strips for the same price as a box of 7 for ClearBlue or FirstResponse. That might be a good one to get. I just thought of something. Are you on vacation all of July, or just a week or 2? You could always do a suppression cycle first by using bcps for 2 or 3 weeks & then when you get AF, start the Repronex after that. That's what I did this cycle b/c of vacation. It's really similar to what you'd be doing for IVF anyway. Just a thought.


cmelissa - June 5

Hey MEga,
That would be awesome if I got preggers w/out the meds. A lot of times people get pregnant on breaks!! Where do you get that answer cup?? I know those other tests are so pricey for only 7, expecially when you have no idea when you are ovulating - should be interesting this month since my cycle was so short on repronex and much longer on clomid. I will have to pee like every day on the test. I'm cd 4 now when should I start doing the OPK? Can you get that test a CVS or rite aid? Whats a supression cycle and the bcps - haven't heard of that?? Sorry to hear about the cramping - its not a fun feeling!! Think my ovaries are still sore b/c i had some cramoing today too in that area!! Did you have an u/s that let you know you released all 5 eggs? That would be awesome and give you high chances of conceiving!! 14mill is great - keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


Mega - June 6

Hi Melissa. I think I got the Answer cup at Meijers, which is a superstore chain kind of like Super Walmart, it's a regional chain though so I doubt you have them in VA. But I'd imagine Walmart, Target, maybe Walgreens etc. would have them. If you want to get them online, here's a link. Remove any dashes first:


Mega - June 6

Okay, I thought I might eliminate some dashes by starting a new post, guess not. I've heard to begin using OPKs around CD10 but if you tend to O early maybe start around CD 8. Good luck! A supression cycle is just when you shut down your cycle for a couple of weeks by using birth control pills (bcp), then when you stop the pills you get AF again about 4 days later and then you start with the Repronex. Ask your dr if that's an option for you. I believe KristRye does suppression first as well. It's used a lot in IVF protocols, as I understand it. It just basically puts your cycle on hold for a couple of weeks til you can start the drugs back up again. No, my dr doesn't do u/s's the day of the IUI. You're right, it would be nice to have that peace of mind. But the 2 smaller follies were like 14.5 the day of u/s which was 2 days before the IUI, so I'm fairly confident they matured enough for release.


cmelissa - June 7

Hey Mega,
We do have a target and walmart so I will check it out!!! I guess I will start the OPKs around day 9 to be safe!! Thats great you had so many follies this cycle!! Can't wait to hear about the BFP!! Not sure about going back on bc b/c I feel thats why its taking me so long to get preggers now - I was on the pill for several years and did hear it affects everyone differently!! Hows the 2ww going?? Went out tonight for some apple martinis - was a great night :)!! Well talk to you tomorrow!!


Mega - June 7

Good morning. Apple martinis--yummy. I'm sure you can find the answer cups most any retail store. Good luck! You wouldn't be on BCPs long enough to really affect anything. It's like when you're watching a DVD & you need to go to the bathroom and you hit pause for a short period of time. Okay, that's a silly analogogy I guess, but that's how I think of it. :) I was on BCPs for awhile myself & then when I came off of them my cycles were all whacky & irregular and kept getting worse instead of better. I blamed the BCPs at first, but then I found out it was PCOS not the pills. Thanks for the encouragement! We'll see. I guess I should call the dr & find out if DH's morphology has improved. I've been dragging my feet on that.


cmelissa - June 8

Hey Mega - let me know if you hear about DH morphology - keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I can't find that answer cup anywhere?? My sister has it in GA, so she may buy me some and mail them!! Wish this cycle was going by faster, ready to start the OPKs and hopefully get pregnant!!! Exhausted today from all the house work, I forgot how hard it is maintaining a new house!! Well I will talk more tomorrow - going to be early tonight!!!


Mega - June 8

Good morning. Melissa--that's strange that you can't find the Answer Cups in your area. That's good that your sister found them in GA though. And you can buy them online as well for about the same price as retail, I believe. is another good online retailer, they'd have the cups there too. Well, my dr called back late afternoon yesterday. DH's morphology has improved. It's up to 1% now from 0%. So we still don't have a really good shot this month, but there is definitely more of a chance this cycle than last cycle. But the good news is, according to my dr if we don't get pg this cycle then when we go to apply for Shared Risk we now have a chance of getting accepted. Yay! That's a relief. Good luck with all the housework. :)


ttippens - June 9

Hey ladies I've been TTC for 6 years now and I took two years off to have gastric bypass and now I'm back at it. I started back last month with a round of clomid and now I'll be strating my repronex injections tonight. I'm new on this site and I am not that familiar with abreviations, if someone woyld clarify that would be great. I've tried a complete cycle with repronex about 3 years ago and I did get preg but I had a miscarriage, it was very disappointing but I am going to try to stay positive this time around.


cmelissa - June 9

Hi Tippens, Welcome!!! here are a few abbreviations: dh-dear husband, cd - cycle day, u/s-ultra sounds, SA - semen analysis, cm - cervical mucus, cp - cervix position, ttc - trying to conceive, 2ww - 2 week wait. Thats all I can think of now - hope it helps!! THats great repronex works for you!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you this cycle!! So sorry to hear about the m/c(miscarriage)!! Hope you are doing better!! Have a great weekend!


ttippens - June 12

Thanks cMelissa the abb. makes a lot more sense now. I did have a great weekend. I'll have more news tomorrow I have a u/s and bllod test, hopefully I've responded well to the Repronex.


cmelissa - June 13

Hey Tippens - we are on 2 threads together!! The repronex really helped my follies too, had a few!! Tried 2 cycles and currently taking a break for this cycle and possibly next - we will be out of town a lot and my ovaries were a little swollen from the previous cycle!! I hate missing out on a cycle though but we could still could pregnant w/out the meds you never know! Let me know how the blood work and follie check goes!! Have a great night!! Mega - where are you??


Mega - June 13

Hi. Welcome, ttippens! Good luck today at your u/s appt. I hope the dr finds lots of nice growing follies. Hi cmelissa. I was out of town this weekend, I was visiting friends in Pittsburgh. That was fun. Then I didn't do much yesterday. Took a sick day, vegged on the couch watching Baby Story mostly. :) Well I'm 9 DPO & I think AF is getting ready to pay me a visit. I'm spotting a lot, pre-AF, too much I think to be implanatation. I'll keep ya posted though. I except I'll reach full flow late today/early tomorrow. How'd your move go over the weekend? Starting to get settled yet in the new place?



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