Anyone get a BFP and now feel left out of other threads?????
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JerseyGirl - October 18

Hi. After 9 months of TTC, I finally got my BFP on Oct. 7. Though I know the girls from my other thread certainly don't mean to leave me out, now that I'm at a different point than them, it's hard to not feel left out. So I thought I'd start this thread for those of us who finally got a BFP but still need people to talk to. I am only 5 weeks along, so it's too soon to tell the world. But that doesn't mean I can't discuss this way!! Hope you'll join me.


linds99 - October 18

Aw, congratulations to you. Have you heard a heart beat yet? I bet by x-mas you will know the sex of the baby, what a beautiful gift that would be. I am on my 12th month trying to conceive, and I feel left out when all these women get positives, and some are about 6-months into their pregnancy. I just think that being on the other-side, is so lonely, since noone "really talks" about infertility in our private lives, but once you get pregnant, it seems everyone takes an interest in you. So I bet you are getting a lot of attention now in your inner circle.


isa - October 18

Congrats on your pregnancy and bfp. That said, this forum is under the "problems getting pregnant section" perhaps that is why you feel left out . Go to the general page and find the appropriate section for you, there are tons of categories that pregnancies fit into. Not to be nasty but those of us that have never had a bfp don't want to see titles of people getting bfp's because this is a "problems getting pregnant forum" Once you are successful you can move to bpf boards/pregnancy boards etc .It just brings some of us down seeing titles of bfp. This is the forum that we should safely be able to go to and not feel bad. I left a link for you below. The only dash that should show up is between pregnancy and info. If any other dashes show up take them out.


ginger6363 - October 18

Hi JerseyGirl, I agree with Isa that if you want to find an *on-going* support group as you go through this exciting time you should find a new group in a more appropriate forum. I do think that is perfectly acceptable to tell all the ladies you have been ttc with on this forum about your good news though. You guys stuck the journey out together, and they deserve to celebrate with you. Congrats!


lovemy3 - October 18

hi there, Come join us on the "pregnant and over 35" board, we'd love to have you. I am ttc'ing still and am on here, but I also post on the Pregnant and over 35 board as I already have 3 kids and help the ladies out over there and they are wonderful. Come find us! When I am on the Problems getting... board I find it inspirational to see BFP's, I am glad for others to experience it. Good luck.


linds99 - October 18

lovemy3, you are right, it is inspirational to see women ttc a long time get a gives me hope too.


Tink - October 18

congrats to you!!! that is great news. i agree- once i get a BFP, i will go join the 'pregnancy' forums/threads instead. while it is great news to share- you probably won't get the support you want on the TTC, since you are now done TTC. Of course it is great to visit here and share your past experiences with others that might have questions etc. Don't feel left out- feel excited- you have a whole new world to be a part of now! congrats and enjoy!


Becca - October 18

I agree with Isa. You should try the 1st trimester board, since that is where you are now - in the 1st trimester. I'm sure you will find more people to relate to there, and you won't be making those of us who have been trying for years feel so bad.


crystal74 - October 18

hi jerseygirl, after 15 months of trying i finally got pregnant on june 10th and moved on to the 1st trimester board. now i'm in the 2nd trimester board but the women there are really friendly and helpful of any questions or concerns you may have. all my buddies were in here but i felt like i would be rubbing it in if i stayed. i know when i was trying, i was so emotional that i was more depressed when another women got pregnant. congrats!!!come find me if you want:):):):)


k8cherry - October 19

Jersey - I am so happy for you but I hope you don't leave us on our thread. Even tho we are not at the same stage as you we want to hear everything. You are not rubbing it in at all. We have been with you all the way and we want you to be with you through this too. So if you find a thread that fits you don't forget us. We love you and can't wait to hear from you again :-)


Lucky717 - October 19

Hi JerseyGirl -- How could you feel left out? You were one of us before you became one of them. We all have so much to learn from you since you successfully made it to the other side. Sorry you are feeling left out but trust me any one of us would gladly switch positions with you. We all are happy for you and want to know how you are. Hope to hear from you more on our Best Moms thread.


newmommy - October 19

Hey, Jersey! Contrary to what has been posted here, no one on our board feels that you "should move to a more appropriate thread," "are bringing us down," "rubbing it in," or "making us feel so bad". I know that we're in different stages now, but we'd hate to lose you completely!!! Even if you do check out the other boards, PLEASE check in with us, too! Hey---with lots of luck, there may be someone to join you in your pregnancy soon (or 2 or 3 people)! And I can't wait to hear all the info when you get to go to your 1st OB appt! ***HUGS***


Tammy276 - October 19

hey jersey, go over to the first trimester board, there are tons of forums over there for you to join and you may feel more welcome being everyone over there is pregnant.


JerseyGirl - October 19

Thanks to "my girls" - you know who you are. I'll see you where I've been seeing you for months now. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you!!


diem - October 19

Jersey we love you....even though you are pg!!!! I hope you continue to visit us. I'm sure the first trimester board will be great to you...but we want to keep you too :-) Do you think you can pull double duty??? LOL


slowpoke01 - October 20

hey jersey girl i have been on the ttc board for awhile now. the girls on the thread that i am on havae never made anyone feel left out for getting a +. i got my + in august and when there were days that i didnt get online they were always asking about me. unfortunately i had to terminate the pregnancy in sept because it turned out to be a tubal pregnancy and the girls are still supportive. they have never made me feel unwelcome at all. they were as excited or probably more excited than some of my family members. they were and still are a great support to me and someone to vent to when everything in my world seems to be crashing they are there with help advice or just little jokes to cheer me up with. i am sorry that you are feeling left out. i am sure that the girls on your thread dont mean to make you feel left out. i love all the girls on the thread that i am on just like my sister. if i get another + i think that i will stay on this board instead of moving on to another. these girls know me and are my friends and i dont think that i could move to another board where people dont know my situation or know how long i have been trying or know what it really means to me to get that + that i have been working s hard to get. i have been trying for 10 years and finally this year i went to the doc. all tests came back fine i ovualte on my own and everything all my levels were good and so i did iui with clomid and hcg trigger shot. these girls have been with me through the hotflashes on clomid to the mood swings to getting pissed at dh and they have always supported me and gave me the best advice that a friend could give. they were as excited for me to get my + as i was. even though i know that it had to be hard on them to see someone else get a +. i know through all the years of me trying that it upset me everytime that i saw yet another person get pregnant but these girls never said a word about it they were happy and sincere and i couldnt ask for a better group of friends. if i get pregnant again i will stay with each of them until they get their +'s because i know that it is only a matter of time for each and everyone of them to get theirs. i dont think that i would have gotten through the heartache and the pain of having to terminate my pregnancy if it hadnt been for them to help me. they even went so far as to go to all the other threads that i was on and let others that i have talked to know what was going on with the pregnancy and that i was having to terminate it. they emailed me because i hadnt been on in a few days and they were worried because they knew i had a docs appoinment and they were concerned when i didnt get back on and update them. they are true friends. i would never leave them and go to another board because i felt left out. i understand that everyone has days where they cant answer every post on the thread because they are busy with their own stuff. it is hard sometimes when there are a bunch of people on one thread to answer every single post. i am sorry that you fell left out like i said but i am sure that the ladies on your thread were not intentionally leaving you out because you got your +. if you talk to them they are probably just as excited about it as you are. take care and i hope that everything works out for you and your girls. i know that you have probably made alot of friends on that thread and it would be a shame to lose them. take care and congratulations on your BFP. i am wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.



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