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waiting for #2 - February 28

Hi there ladies! I've been reading through your posts for a little while now and was hoping that maybe you could give me some advice. I have a 5 month old daughter who was a fantastic little surprise to me and my hubby as i was told it was highly unlikely for me to conceive naturally due to an ageing uterus,fibroids and other complications. Anyway we have decided that we would like to try for #2 as it is more than HIGHLY unlikely that i will be able to conceive when im older as i have the uterus of a 40 odd year old already. Well i have had 3 periods since having dd and from the end of one until the beginning of the other the time frame is 5 weeks and 3 days exactly. This is not an average 28 day cycle. i had af 11/01 and it lasted until 15/01 then i got her back 22/02 until 26/02 could someone please tell me when i'm likely to be ovulating and when the best time to be making my hubby a happy man would be? :o) Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! GOOD LUCK and *~*~*BABYDUST*~*~* to everyone xx



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