Am i infertile?
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Melissa - November 10

My partener and i have decided to start a family however it appears we arehaving difficulty. I came off te combined pill on the 13th of september and have been having regular intercourse from then on. however I have not yet become pregnant. I am only 19 and so i assumed getting pregnant would be easy. I had two normal periods following coming off the pill but now I am three weeks late and the doctor as confirmed I am not pregnant what could be wrong? could this mean I am infertile? I have also been experiencing adominal pain for a couple of weeks now and i am wondering whether this could mean i have endometriosis I am too scared to go to te doctor do you have any advice?!


rachel - November 10

hey why dont you come to our teen trying to conceive post part 3, we re all 19 trying for babies supportin eachother through xxcome join usxxxbaby dust to uxxxx



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