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Becca - November 3

Hey everyone! How is it going? Let's try and get this new thread going. We can go back and forth for a few days until everyone finds this thread. BABY DUST AND DIAPER PINS!


bump - November 3

Just bumping it up like I promised-Becca


Becky - November 3

Hello Becca found the new thread


Rachel - November 3

Got it! I'm in


Clara - November 3

Becca - I'm here! I love the Title! Perfect! Spreading lots of BABY DUST to all the Angels!


BUMP - November 3



Aly - November 3

Hi ladies - I'm here! Hope everyone is doing well today.


Kelly - November 3

Hi gals! Found your new thread. Clara- I feel ok today. I had extreme cramping yesterday, told DH I think AF gonna show. My temp went back up to day to 98.4. I have a week til AF. DH said this to me last night while changing to go to sleep: Do your nips always change color before your period?? I asked him if this is the first time he noticed, he said yes. Now I know darkened areola's are a sign, so let's pray that it is for me!! Other than that, not too much going on. How are all of you?? BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy K - November 3

Found the new thread! Becca--Thanks for making the effort to get it started -- what a timesaver this will be for us all! Kelly--Wow, this could be a good month for you! I am really hoping that's the case. I've been feeling ok -- the nausea is gone and I've gone from having a very poor appetite to a raging one! Next Dr.'s appt is the 11th -- we should be able to hear the heartbeat then. It's hard to believe I am almost out of the first trimester. Maybe I'll be less neurotic then. I'm so tired of flipping out when I pass through the metal detectors every time I enter my work building and begging the Secret Service not to wand me when I set them off and explaining that I'm pregnant. I never used to worry about these things!!


Kelly - November 3

Thats great Amy!! Can't believe you are that far along already. Enjoy it, cause it will be over before you know it!!


Clara - November 3

Kelly - Sounds good!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you! I had bad cramping a couple days before af was due and I'm pretty positive it was implant cramps. Maybe you are a little earlier than I implant. How many days past ovulation are you? Do you normally have af cramps this early? I'm pulling for you! Amy - so happy you will be entering into what I call the "fun time" of pregnancy. You will feel better, your energy will be a lot better and you can enjoy each day of pregnancy. See ladies, darker areola's and less neurotic pregnant ladies, this is a great new thread!!!


Amy - November 3

Clara--That was a *maybe* on my becoming less neurotic. I'm definitely not there yet! :)


Kelly - November 3

You're funny Amy!! Clara, I am 9 dpo.. I do alway get cramping before AF, especially since being on Clomid. The only thing that feels "different" were the things I felt on Sunday (the "pinching"). I hope, I hope!!!!!! If not, I guess we'll just wait and see what happens with this collection deal to figure out when we will ttc again. I've had the dull cramping pretty much all day, walking helps. It kinda scares me, feels like she's coming. Baby Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly - November 3

Oh My Gosh....Congratulations Kalinda!! This is a lucky thread!!!


stef - November 3

so this is the new thread? Thank god it took forever to get on the other one.


Becca - November 3

Glad to see you are all finding the new thread. While I hated to leave the other one, this loads up so much faster. Now lets keep checking the other one for people who aren't posting here yet. BABY DUST!


stef - November 3

i'm wishing you luck kelly, what your talking about sounds good. Keep an eye on your temps. Amyk- i'm right behind you with how far along you are. I too can't wait to get out of the first trimester. Then i can relax. Seems like my next appt will never get here. Clara- how you doing today? Feeling alright? Me i'm back to cranky. This stinks. I wish my hormones would just level off so i can be my old self again.



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