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stef - November 3

i'm wishing you luck kelly, what your talking about sounds good. Keep an eye on your temps. Amyk- i'm right behind you with how far along you are. I too can't wait to get out of the first trimester. Then i can relax. Seems like my next appt will never get here. Clara- how you doing today? Feeling alright? Me i'm back to cranky. This stinks. I wish my hormones would just level off so i can be my old self again.


Clara - November 3

Stef - I'm going good. I'm having mild cramps and a spot of blood earlier but I'm not worried because I did that with my son. I do feel guilty because you're feeling so bad and I feel good. Maybe it is because I paid my "pregnancy dues" with my first. I really hope you get back to your normal self soon! Who are we still missing from the original thread?


Becca - November 3

We are missing the person this thread is named after. I am sure she will post soon though. I am feeling so much better now that I am off those meds. Hopefully af starts this weekend or I get a BFP (not likely but could happen) on Monday. I hope everyone is doing well. I am putting lots of baby dust in this post so that the luck will carry over from the other thread to this one. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Rachel - November 4

It's so quick to find the tail of the posts now. :o)
I think I am 3dpo, fertility friend has drawn a dotted line, I think because I didn't use OPK's. I have this nagging pain on my left lower side. It started on ovulation day and is getting worse. The pain is worse when there is movement and also when coughing. I have't done anything for it to be a pulloed muscle of any kind and it seems secluded to one area. I have made myself cough a couple times and it hurts! What could this be, some postovulation pain?


me - November 4

I am not understanding what is going on with this thread. Please explain why we keep bumping it up and such? Is this a members only kind of thing? Please explain. Thanks-


Becca - November 4

Rachel- when did you temps go up? They usually go up the day after ovulation and Amy R dr believes that implantation occurs about 4 dpo I think. I would have to go read the other thread to make sure it was her dr but I know someone mentioned it. I remember Alycia had that feeling when coughing the month she got a BFP so maybe this is your month. Lots of BABY DUST your way. Well, I spoke to soon about the upset stomach. It came this afternoon about an hour before getting off work. I have not puked though. I am thinking my hormone levels are doing this to me. We shall see soon enough (I hope). I am at the point I am not caring what the answer is as long as I get one. Where is Alycia?


Becca - November 4

Dear me- This is not a members only thing. BUMPING is to make it higher on the list of threads so people can find it easier because they are posted by most recently had a post to it. You are welcome to join. We call it Alycia's Angels because Alycia started the original thread. If you would like to go read some of our posts there to get to know us. It is called Anybody ovulating this week and want to wait together. I will bump that one up for you. Let us know if you need anything else answered.


Becca - November 4

Sorry to post again. Just so me knows. When I read my first thread ever, I too wondered why every so often there would be a post by someone named bump and then what they wrote was bump. It finally dawned when I saw a message for someone to bump a new thread so they could find it. Our other thread is kind of long and takes time to load up so we started this one today. We probably wont have to bump it up anymore because we all post a lot. That was just to help people find it.


Rachel - November 4

Based on my temp increase i ovulated 3 days ago, so I'm at 3 dpo today. i think the opk thing just threw ff off.
These are my temps for the past few days:
97.37 CD10, 97.57 CD11, 97.56 CD12, 97.41 CD13, 97.69 CD14, 97.89 CD15, 97.58 CD16
Based on the c/m I think ovulation on CD13 makes sense but I don't know, those 2 days before that were in the 97.5's are throwing me off but that was during the time change and I had a restless sleep both nights.


Rachel - November 4

FF right now is saying that my coverline is 97.5 but of course it is dotted too along with my CD13 ovulation day.


Rachel - November 4 is this possible. I got my OPK's in the mail 3 days ago and all 3 were negative and day by day they have been getting darker and I just checked the one from today that I took 30 minutes ago and it is damn close to being just as dark as the test line....let's all explain that one now. ALso, today I had major creamy white c/m on my underwear so no way I am getting EWCM to indicate ovulation coming on....I have very hostile c/m right now (sorry TMI) but what the heck!


Edy - November 4

Becca- The title of this thread is great. I could not post much on the other one because it took so long to load and everyone at work knew someone was on the internet slowing it down!!! This is much better. Know I can read everything at work and post!! Kalinda- Congrats!!! Have your test come back yet? Kelly- I hope you get that BFP!! Your areola getting darker is a great sign... Becca- I hope your af comes soon so you can get back in the game. Maybe you will feel better after some of your hormone levels regulate. A BFP would be the best Christmas present ever!!! Hope all the pg mommies are doing good today!! I am going to the RE in the am to see how the Follies are doing. I am running out of room to stick the needles.Please keep me in your prayers!!!


Becca - November 4

Rachel- maybe your temps increased for another reason, trouble sleeping, tossing too much. I would almost guess you are ovulating today with how it sounds. Don't you hate how they say all these things should happen at once when you ovulate but in real life they never do? It is so frustrating! Keep BDing just in case! BABY DUST YOUR WAY *~*~*~*~*~*~*


Rachel - November 4

Thanks Becca. God this can be so confusing. We BD'd anyway just to be sure. We shall see what the temp is tomorrow but I'm nut sure that I trust the current coverline ff is giving me so you are probably right about oing today or tomorrow...


Becky - November 4

Hello ladies... I don't take the pee test to see if I am ovulating. My RE had me do 3 sono's and blood work to check E2 level 2x. Do you also have sono's and blood work done... Baby Dust to all...........


Becca - November 4

Becky- My RE does several u/s (transvaginal) during my cycle but starting day 10 I take an OPK to make sure I don't get my LH surge on my own. I don't get all the blood work done unless there is a possible problem or something strange going on -like there has been lately. However, many of the girls on the new new hope thread (the IUI gals I call them) have b/w with each u/s. That is also the 1st place I had ever heard of doing 2 IUIs one day apart. Hope this helps. Where is Alycia?



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