AF-like cramping a sign of pg????
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Alli - November 28

DH & I have been ttc for 5 months. I am currently experiencing AF like cramping for 3 days spotting or anything. Is this a possible sign of pg???


Anna - November 28

Yep, sure is! A lot of women get implantation cramping. Feels just like af cramps. I'm 19 weeks PG and my first PG s/s was cramping. I kept cramping and feeling like af was going to start, but nothing. If the cramping continues for you. but you don't get your af, you could very well be PG. Good luck and I hope you get good news soon! *baby dust*


Alli - November 28

Thanks Anna! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! Did you have any spotting, or just cramping? This is very similar to last month, although last month I had spotting as well for a few days & then AF. My cycle has been very strange lately! it's like it knows we want to have a baby & is trying to do anything it can to stop us!! :)


Judi - November 28

Alli, this can definitely be a sign of pregnancy. I had my first IUI done in August. They told me to test 13 days later (we were out of town that week so I couldn't go in for blood work). Two days before I was supposed to test, I started having AF-like cramps, and the next night I cried for an hour because I had the exact same cramps and feelings that I always have right before AF starts. I was absolutely certain that it would start the next day. Well, the next morning I tested as instructed, and it was positive!!! I'm now 17 weeks, and I had the same type of cramping almost every day until I was about 8 weeks. The doctor said that it was completely normal. Good luck to you!


Alli - November 28

Best of luck to you during your pregnancy Judi! My cycle has been very short lately, which is why I am worried. Everytime I go to the bathroom (sorry if tmi!) I expect to see AF, but nothing spotting or anything. This is three days of cramping now...but I am only on CD 19...that's the weird/bad thing!! I guess that I'll just keep waiting!!


Elena - November 28

Hi, I'm on cd 20 and had my last af on 11-09. I currently just finshed taking clomid on 11-17. I've been cramping like af is coming for about 2 1/2 weeks. Not due till 12-11 for next af I hope that this is a sign that I ovualted and hopefully maybe pregnant have been ttc with dh for 1year and 6 months. Hope you guys are right. GOOD LUCK ALLI MAYBE WE WILL BOTH GET PREGNANT THIS MONTH BABY DUST*** Congrats to Anna and Judi I wish you both a great pregnancy and a healthy baby!


Anna - November 29

I didn't have any spotting, but only felt like my af was going to start. I was so disappointed, because I was having all my normal PMS s/s and I was sure I wasn't PG. Hang in there and test when your af is due. When is that BTW? Judi, a big congrats to you! Your only two weeks behind me-I'm 19 weeks today. How exciting! Elena, good luck to you!


Alli - November 29

Good luck Elena! I started last AF on Nov. 10, so I am only 1 day behind you. I've never had any problems w/ AF, but this month I had no sign of Oing, so that concerns me a bit. I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 13...sure would like to get a BFP before then! Anna, I wish I knew when AF was due! I have always been about 25-26 days, however, last month (& I have no idea why) I decided to take Fertility Blend! I took it for about 8 days & did not like it...I was having weird side effects, so I stopped! Well, AF came on CD18, & for now I'm thinking it had to be FB. From my cramping, I am expecting AF anytime now. But cramping is my only AF sympton...I normally have sore bbs, a huge appetite (I don't normally eat all that much :)), but I have none of that now, only cramping. Hopefully AF is back to normal this month, so it should be due in about 6 days, but from my cramping, I'd say it's going to come much sooner!! Although I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't come for about 9 months!!!


Alli - November 29

I'm sorry, I have one more question. I ordered OPKs & HPTs from ebay, & with the HPKs they say "for in-vitro diagnostics use only." This is probably something that I should know, but I don't know what that means. Can anyone help me? Thanks! **baby dust**


Alli - November 29

Just curious how you are feeling Elena? Still cramping? I have been cramping now for about 3 days, I really expect AF any day now. Why were you put on clomid? (if you don't mind my asking...if you do, just ignore me! :)) The reason I ask is because I have regular AF, but the past 2 months I'm not sure if I have Oed or not, & was just wondering if maybe clomid would work for me?? (dr. appt. in 2 weeks)


To Alli - November 29

I would go to it is an awesome website! I know you could find the info on hpt's and opk's on there. good luck.


Alli - November 29

Thanks! I'll check out that website now!


Anna - November 30

Alli, before you think about fertility drugs, I would start checking your temps., doing OPKs, and watching for s/s of ovulation. It could be that your missing the day you ovulate or you ovulate on different days. Your md can, also, do a blood test that checks to see if you ovulate. I don't know what it is, but I've read some other posts about it. Most doctors won't move on to fertility drugs until you've tried unsuccessfully for 12 months. Have you discussed with your doctor things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant? But hopefully this cramping is from implantation and your already pregnant! Have you taken an HPT yet? I used first response early and it's supposed to be the most sensitive. Good luck and let me know what happens! *baby dust*


Alli - November 30

Anna, with the cycle that I am currently on (CD21) I used OPKs starting on day 10 through day 17...I never got a positive. Sometimes by negative line would be very close to the same color as the positive line, but it was never darker than. I also had very little CM this month. With the temps, I'm trying to get better at that...5am just comes so early! :) I was pretty good about it for the first 17 days (temps were always around 97.4...never above 97.6) Do they have to be above 98.0? When I started cramping on CD 17, I figured AF was going to come early this month, just like last, so I stopped temping. I am currenty on CD21 & still cramping. I really think that AF will come today. I took a HPT 2 days ago...negative. If no AF today I will test again soon, & in the meantime just keep thinking positive thoughts!! I haen't really discussed ways to increase my chances to conceive with my dr. At my last appt. he said that he saw no reason (from the info that I was telling him) why we would be unable to conceive. But he did say that if I wasn't preg. in the next 2 months (that will make 5 months of trying) that he wants me to come in for a pelvic ultrasound just to check things out. Again, hopefully I'll never have to go to that! :) Thanks for your advice!!


Elena - November 30

Good morning Alli, yea still having cramping. Have to wait till next wed the 9th to see if af comes.I'm irregualar with my periods I have pcos. I was put on clomid to get me to ovulate which I'm pretty sure I did it was the 25th. Now its a wait and see type of thing. I had dream last night that I found out I was pregnant and I wanted to call everyone and let them know and then I woke up for some reason and realized it was a dream and cried. So emotional dont mind me* * baby dust to all of us


Anna - November 30

Alli, my OPK was the same way. It was so close in color, but just a tiny shade lighter. I, also, kept thinking that af was going to start each day I had cramping. Hopefully, it won't start for you! During the first 1-2 weeks that I had cramping, all my HPTs were neg. If your PG, then your very early and an HPT probably isn't going to show up pos. Hang in there and try to keep your mind on happy things while you wait this out! I'll keep you in my prayers for bfp soon! Elena, things sound good for you, too. I'm sorry your not having such a good day! Try not to stress yourself over this. Good luck for a bfp, too! *baby dust*


Alli - November 30

Elena, don't worry about being so emotional! I think that it was ttc makes you very emotional! I am the same way. Maybe your dream was a good sign...keep our fingers crossed!
Anna, I'm trying to stay busy & keep my mind off of things...I teach high school so my days tend to go by very quickly w/o much time to think about anything (except how I can possibly want kids after dealing with 8th graders for 90 minutes! :)) So far no sign of AF, still just cramping. I keep feeling like she is coming so I want to run to the bathroom to check, but yet I don't, because I am so scared that she will be there! Normally around the time AF begins I might get a pimple or two (I'm 27, so I'm hoping that the big days of pimples are behind me!) but the past few days I have gotten several. Are pimples by any chance a sign of pregnancy, or am I just hoping way too much here??:) Have a great afternoon ladies & baby dust!!



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