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Belinda - April 18

Please don't get offended, I am just curious. Why use so many fertility procedures and not just adopt?
It just seems so expensive and stressful. Plus there are so many needy parentless kids out there already.


~a~ - April 20

You know people will try to want to have their own children .... it's something that some feel very strongly about...they may want their own so they can carry their family name...adoption is not a bad option but why not try and exhaust all avenues before one resorts to adoption? Go girls & baby dust to all !


lori - April 28

we are going through the early stages of adoption. Enrolled in an adoptive parenting class to see if it right for us. Adoption can be just as heartbreaking as dealing with a couples' inferlity issues. DH & I are infertile but adoption is something that is pulling at our heartstrings. Everyone has to find what works for them in their own time. It is everyone's right to feel their child in their womb. What happens when a couple adopts a child when they haven't resolved their issuses about infertility. The child could be looked at as 2nd best. I believe everyone must choose the path that the feel is right for them. DH & I are taking med but w. no progress are not taking on any procedures. We are not ready for all the medical treatments. So adoption will be likely be our decision. We feel which ever road we take God will bless us & walk along with us in the journey.



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