A little advice about HSG
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Loulouse - January 11

I wanted to share this experience with you guys.I was scheduled for an hsg this morning and since about a week ago I went to this site trying to find out how was it for other women and from what I saw it is supposed to be something very painful . This morning I was so scared, thought I was going to pass out because I keep thinking about what some other women said about this procedure, how painful it is and it frightened me. The nurse who accompanied the Dr. reassure me that it's not true what I have heard, still I was scared. But Ladies, it end up being so easy and I only feel this slight pressure and before I knew it I was done. They gave me a pad, I didn't even need to wear it...at least that's how it was for me. My point is anyone who's going to take this test, don't listen to what other poeple say because our bodies are different. Just because it's very painful for someone else that doesn't mean that it will be the same for you. Good luck bd ladies. Baby Dust to all!!!!!


me - January 11

Well said.


JenG - January 11

Agreed, but it was very painful for me... I have a small Cervix opening. Good thing folks is it is only for a minute and then its over. I also had some mild cramping and lower back pain for a while, but nothing crazy. BUT, it wasn't pain free for me.


Melissa - January 11

I wish my experience had been as good as yours! I am glad I did it, but boy, was it painful for me! Both my tubes were blocked so maybe that was part of the reason. Hope your results were promising & best of luck to you!


Laura - January 12

Hello There! I have heard mixed things regarding the HSG. I had one done and while I was scared because I too heard that it hurt, wasn't so bad. I would say that there was discomfort but nothing I couldn't handle. I think that having that thing up my crotch was the most uncomfortable than the procedure itself. HOWEVER, if your tubes have blockage or if you have a small cervix like JenG then you can almost expect the pain. It also depends on your tolerance of pain. I have zero tolerance. If you have low tolerance, then ask your dr. to prescribe something for pain.


Ann - January 12

Loulouse, I agree that each person's body is different and that, just because the procudure was painful for others, doesn't mean it will be for you. However, I disagree with your statement "don't listen to what other people say" for the same reason--that everyone is different. Also, if the nurse told you it is never painful, she is ignorant of the facts. I am glad that you had a good experience. I typically have a high tolerance for pain, although in that area it is lower. The speculum hurts to me and my cervix is also small (have to have an "opener" when getting iui). When I had the hsg done, I literally felt like my insides were being ripped out or exploding. After, I felt like I would puke at any moment and was so disoriented that I am shocked I didn't have a wreck on the way home. I also bled for days after. By the way, the dr that perfromed the hsg is a dr my ob/gyn has worked with for years (lots of experience with hsg) and my tubes were not even blocked! I wish I had read some of the less pleasant stories before I got the hsg. I at least would've had someone drive me there and could have been prepared for the pain. Good luck to all on becoming pg!


Loulouse - January 13

Hi Ladies> Hi Ann, I definetely agree with your point of view. I guess the best way to put it is eveyone is different. But Boy did it affect me of hearing what they said about it. I guess for someone like me: it would have been better to have gone there with a clean state of mind. That's all. Well, ladies, good luck to all of you and of couse baby dust to all.


Ann - January 13

Sorry, Loulouse, if I sounded abrupt. I guess not only are people different in how they handle the procedure but also in what they prefer to know. Personally, I like hearing the worst case scenario and being pleasantly surprised over hearing the best case and getting blindsided.:)



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