3rd Round of Clomid
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Lisa - November 9

I'm staring my third round of Clomid this Friday. Anybody else starting Clomid on or near the same time?


Mega - November 9

Hi Lisa. If things go well with my baseline u/s tomorrow, I should be starting my 4th round of Clomid that day. Most likely I'll be on 100 mgs. again. What about you? Are you doing anything else with the Clomid? I'll be doing my 2nd IUI as well. Good luck!


Lisa - November 9

Hi Mega. My baseline U/S was this morning. I'm on 100 mg of Clomid. The Clomid seems to work very well so far. In addition to Clomid, I'll do the HCG trigger shot,IUI, and progesterone suppositories. This will be my 2nd IUI too! I hope everything goes well with the u/s tomorrow!! Take Care.


Mega - November 9

Thanks Lisa. I hope so too. I really don't want to have to put this cycle on hold. I don't think they'll be a problem though. Oh how cool, we're on very similar tracks & very similar timeframe too. I do the trigger too. I haven't done progesterone suppositories in the past but based on my last Day 21 test, I think I'll ask my dr about it tomorrow. How many follies did you have for your 1st IUI? I only had one. I'm hoping for 2 or more this time to up my chances. I'll let you know tomorrow how my u/s goes, hopefully we can be Clomid/IUI buddies this cycle.


Lisa - November 9

I was lucky to have several follicles. I had 1 main and 4 smaller on my left side, but none on my right side. I'm left handed maybe that's why? Keep me posted.


Mega - November 9

Maybe you have something there! I'm right handed & tend to ovulate more on my right ovary. LOL! No, really, for me I think I tend to have more activity on my right ovary b/c my left ovary is my polycystic ovary, it's so whacky all the time. But then that was last time, who knows what'll happen this cycle. But I'm glad you had some good follies for your 1st IUI. Hopefully you'll do even better this go round.


Mega - November 10

Hi Lisa. I'm back from my u/s appointment. All systems go! I'll be starting Clomid today at lunch.


Lisa - November 10

Hi Mega. That's great news! Let's keep our fingers crossed. Baby Dust!!!


Lisa - November 12



kotkot - November 13

hey lisa .. this is my third round of clomid. cant describe what the cycle term means for me.. i really feel of the 30 days consisting amonth now! i belive i have ovulated CD15 and i am supposed to have period on 23 Nov. hope that i wont need to buy a pad pack this month! same for u all.


Lisa - November 14

Hi Kotkot Hi Mega. I'm getting excited for my u/s on Thursday. When is your u/s scheduled for? How are you doing to the side effects? I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Mega - November 14

Good morning! Kotkot, good luck. I hope this your month. I can relate to what you said, it's so nice to consistantly ovulate. Keep us posted! Lisa, I have my u/s appointment on Thursday, too. Cool! This is my last day of Clomid. So far so good. No real s/e this time. What about you? How are you doing this month? I'm thinking my body may finally be getting used to it. I got my hair done this weekend & turns out the lady who did my coloring said she concevied her baby (who is now 15) on Clomid. I think she said she was on 150 mgs., and it worked I guess the first time for her. It's always nice to hear success stories first hand.


Mega - November 14

Hello. I think, I should probably take the clomid at night. I feel out of it for a couple of hours each day. My last pill is tomorrow morning. In the end, it's worth it. I'm feeling some activity on my right side this month. We will see.


Lisa - November 14

I have a strange question. What's your thought on coffee? Are you still drinking coffee? I'm thinking of stopping. It's worth a shot.


Lisa - November 14

oops. I meant to type my name in.


Mega - November 14

I think it couldn't hurt to quit drinking coffee. That's a good question. I do a pretty good job cutting way back in the 2ww, drinking 1/2 caff most of the time, decaf some of the time, etc. But I tend to overindulge before I O. Which probably isn't a good idea. Good luck!


kotkot - November 16

hey mega and lisa. thanks for your reply and sorry for being late . i had few exams , by the way i am a Msc student ( just to get myself busy with something other than the fertility thing! ) and yeah it is working with a 4 out of 4 GPA. but to tell the truth i can not stop myself thinking and thinking . the wierd thing is that i spent my life telling myself and telling others that i am not a type of mummy woman .. that time , i couldnt consider that i will pray for one kid later on my life. this is really wierd.
anyways , i am on CD 25 and i believ ei have ovulated on CD 15 which means i am supposed to have my period on sunday! i really wish i will not be imposed to buy a pack of pads this month. this is my sincer wish for all of you girls. i really know what every single day on a month means , only those who are suffering can understand eachother.
for the coffee , i do not know .. it mayhelps but i do believe that the reasons for infertility is much stronger. i am a heavy smoker by the way! anyways.. if it doesnt happen this month i will take a one month break and i may take an appointment with a specialzed infertility doctor.
wish you all luck girls.. plz keep me posted



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