3rd Round of Clomid
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kotkot - November 16

hey mega and lisa. thanks for your reply and sorry for being late . i had few exams , by the way i am a Msc student ( just to get myself busy with something other than the fertility thing! ) and yeah it is working with a 4 out of 4 GPA. but to tell the truth i can not stop myself thinking and thinking . the wierd thing is that i spent my life telling myself and telling others that i am not a type of mummy woman .. that time , i couldnt consider that i will pray for one kid later on my life. this is really wierd.
anyways , i am on CD 25 and i believ ei have ovulated on CD 15 which means i am supposed to have my period on sunday! i really wish i will not be imposed to buy a pack of pads this month. this is my sincer wish for all of you girls. i really know what every single day on a month means , only those who are suffering can understand eachother.
for the coffee , i do not know .. it mayhelps but i do believe that the reasons for infertility is much stronger. i am a heavy smoker by the way! anyways.. if it doesnt happen this month i will take a one month break and i may take an appointment with a specialzed infertility doctor.
wish you all luck girls.. plz keep me posted


Mega - November 16

Kotkot, wow, a 4.0, that's wonderful. Hmmm, maybe I should go back to school to distract myself from this TTC thing. LOL! No, I really am thinking of going back to school to become a teacher. I'll probably wait a couple of years though, after I've had a baby. Good luck. I hope AF bypasses you this weekend. Keep us posted as well. Also, if it doesn't work for you this month, I would recommend seeing a specialist. I'm so glad I found my RE. That's my 2 cents at least. It's funny that you said you never saw yourself wanting to be a mom. My bestfriend was like that too, all thru college she kept saying she never wanted kids. Now she's in this whole TTC rigamarole herself, life is funny that way.


kotkot - November 16

hey mega.. it seems we are both on line same time! well , that is exactly what happened .. ispent my life telling myself that i appreciate doing and achieving dozen of goals other than being a mum . belive me it is in our blood , i mean the motherhood! on my first failed pregnancy , the day i knew i am pregnant i couldnt support myself crying all the time .. cause i felt of the new soul growing inside me.. i knew then that kids are the true miracles of god. really wish u luck. by the way how old are u ? i am 25.


Mega - November 16

I love this board, I'm on it as much as I can be & still get my work done too. :) I'm 30. I always knew I wanted a child, but like you I had other things I needed to get done first. But then when I found myself almost 29, & I was in a wonderful, steady loving relationship I told my then bf that my clock was ticking double time & it was time he proposed to me. He did & we've been trying to have that baby for almost a year & a 1/2 now. "cause i felt of the new soul growing inside me"--I love the way you said that, Kotkot. That's a beautiful sentiment & I feel the same way exactly. Well, except I'm still waiting for that soul to be created within me. But I think we're very luck to have the ability to grow & sustain life for 9 months. How magical! Anyway, I'm sorry about your m/c & I really hope you get that "sticky bean" real soon.


kotkot - November 17

hey mega .. never forget that at least we will appreciate motherhood more than the rest of women .because we have been deprived for alittle while . i still belive that God is puniching me and awarding me what i had exactly stated on my wishes before marriage. tell me now on which Cd are u? i believe that 15/11/2005 was the last pill of clomid . hope that this month will be the one for all of us . please keep me posted


Mega - November 17

Good morning, Kotkot. You make a wonderful point, about us appreciating motherhood so much more after all the struggles we're currently going through to conceive in the first place. I hope you're not too hard on yourself for taking longer to decide that motherhood is something you want. It's okay to put school first. In fact I'd say deciding to live for yourself first, then choosing motherhood when you're a little older, more mature like now is a very responsible, loving decision which shows you'll be a great mom. I'm on CD 10 now. My u/s didn't really show much in the way of egg activity yet, with only one or two, & they were both about 7 mm, but I have another follow up u/s on Sunday so hopefully I can IUI right before they close for the Thanksgiving holiday. Lisa, how did your u/s go today? Are you responding pretty good? Talk to you both later! Have a great day.


Lisa - November 17

Hi KotKot, wow a 4.0. You should be very proud. Education is very important. It will help you be a better parent and role model. My DH and I met in college. We had the same class. I really hope this is our month!!! Hi Mega. My ultrasound went well today. I had 4 follicles. The sizes were 18,16,16 (on my right),and 13 (on my left). I have to go back tomorrow for u/s and b/w and trigger shot. My follicles grow very fast. IUI will most likely be Sat. I'm excited, but extremely overwhelmed. This month I've been very emotional. We are going to take a break in Dec. I really need it. It's been 15 months. Thank you for all of your support!


Mega - November 17

Wow Lisa, that's great. Those are nice big follies. You really have responded well. Good luck with the IUI this weekend. Come back & keep us posted. Maybe you'll get a BFP & won't need that break afterall. But I know what you mean about wanting a break. We, too, have been TTC #1 for 15 mos or so. It really takes its toll. My DH worries that I stress too much over this but I don't know how to quit doing that. Anyway, hang in there. Hopefully I'll be doing my IUI next week. I have to wait & see how my lazy ovaries end up responding to the clomid. I'll find out more on Sunday's u/s I guess.


Lisa - November 17

I think, I stress too much as well!!! My DH is so laid back which really helps.
I'll say a prayer for all of us. It's nice knowing I'm not alone.


kotkot - November 18

hey lisa and mega! it is wonderfull to have you there . for you Mega do not get dissapointed i usually have nothing to be shown on U/S on CD 10 . when i went on my first cycle to the ultrasound on CD 10 , i was appointed another screen two days later (CD12) and believe it or not i usually have a 20 mm follicle . so do not stree and relax , that will help so much .. on the next cycles i schedulaed my U/S screen by myslef at CD12 or CD 13 and all of them were showing i have great follicles ( but unfortunatilly i havnt concieved yet:))
for u Lisa ..yeah i am trying to relieve all the stress by studying , mayba its my own way to proof that iam not a looser as i feel sometimes i am a total failure for not being able to support pregnancy like the rest of women. May be we are pushing ourselve more than needed .. but cant stop thinking that easy , my DH is not involved into fertility things at all , he keeps telling that it is a god fate issue and whenever we are supposed to be parents .. we will be! he is so cold .
can you imagine that during my fertile period i sometimes pegg him to hold intercouse daily , he works long hours and really is not involved in all of that .
anyway keep me posted , i am expecting my period on sunday and iam not testing unless it doesnt arrive , i got fedup to be disappointed with all the home pregnancy tests.
wish you all luck girls . by the way if anyone of you have a yahoo messenger please add m me to ur list .. mine is [email protected] . happy to recieve e-mails too.


Lisa - November 18

I know it will work out for all of us. I do think it's part of God's plan. Kotkot, I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I hope your AF does not arrive. I'll be thinking all well wishes. My u/s went ok this morning. The follicles didn't grow enough for the trigger shot. My husband is going to have to do the trigger shot Sat. Here's the problem, the office doesn't do IUI on Sun. They said I could get it done Mon. morning or we could just have regular intercourse and skip the IUI. I think ,that's what we are going to do.


kotkot - November 19

hey lisa! my AF hasnt arrived yet but i did ahome pregnancy test and it came back negative:( i knew that and i am totally disappointed . this is my third round , and i am not sure what i am going to do .. i might take a break this month and take an appointment with a fertility specialist . anyway, i wont give us untill i bleed ! wish you luck all.


kotkot - November 21

hey lisa and mega! i wonder what happened with beoth of u ? are u due? hope not! i still have nothing .. supposed to have my period yesterday .. no hard evidence or syptoms only light cramps.. as i told u i did a home pregnancy test and it came back negative.. i wont give up unless the flood arrives!


Mega - November 21

Hi Kotkot & Lisa! Lisa--sorry the IUI didn't work out as planned this month. Did you end up justing going with intercourse after all or did you decide to wait on the IUI til today? Good luck with either scenario. Kotkot--sorry about the - hpt test. It's tough seeing that month after month. It's also too bad that your DH isn't as involved in all this fertility rigamarole as you are. Maybe seeing a fertility specialist is a good thing. I've been seeing one since July. I really feel like I'm in good hands. Keep us posted, Kotkot. Hang in there. I hope AF doesn't show this month!


kotkot - November 21

hey Mega.. thanks for your support . well.. yeah i am trying to be strong , my AF hasnt arrived yet , 1day late now (never happened with a clomid cycle) clomids helps reulating my cyvle at a 29 days . anyway , i think my body is fooling me!!!! i will still have alittle bit of hope untill the period arrives. tell me what is going on with you ? which CD are u?


Mega - November 21

Good, keep up with the positive attitude. HPTs aren't 100% accurate at picking up all pregnancies, some produce less hcg levels in the beginning that they're able to pick up. So, as you say, there's still hope til AF shows. Hang in there. Nothing else plays with our emotions like this TTC business. I'm on CD 15 or so right now, still haven't ovulated yet. It's now looking like I won't do my IUI til Friday, though I guess I'll know more after my u/s tomorrow.



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