2WW.......Wanna wait with me???
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babyloves2play - April 5

Hi everyone, according to fertilityfriend.com I finally ovulated on cd48 (but I think maybe cd49). I've been ttc#3 for five months and this is my second round of clomid. So I'm really hoping for a Christmas baby. I'm now 6 dpo (or maybe 5 dpo) and my temps are on the rise. Started out with 97.34 on day of O and now up to 98.11 and have been experiencing sore bb's since 2 dpo and skin breakouts since 4 dpo. I'm also a little crampy. I plan on testing on Monday at 11 dpo. Hoping to hear from others waiting, what your symptoms are, did you have implantation dip, did you take meds, or just want to share how you feel!! Thanks!! Lots & Lots of ~*~*Babydust*~*~


Nikki - April 5

According to fertilityfriend I am also 6 dpo, at cd 32 - without clomid. Although I might be taking it for my next cycle since they are starting to get longer and longer.
How long is your usual luteal phase? This is my first month charting (after TTC for almost 8 months,) so I don't really know when to test. I would rather avoid the depressing sight of yet another BFN...
Your temps sound like they are similar to mine, I had the lowest temp so far (97.1) on the O-day and today I reached my highest of 98.2. The next few days will be interesting and hard, I can't stand this wait! I keep watching every sign my body gives me, but so far nothing but some cramps that have been wearing off since ovulation.


babyloves2play - April 5

I have also been cramping a little since I O'd. I've also had breast tenderness since 2 dpo. I believe my luteal phase is around14 days. Best of luck & lots of ~*~*Babdydust*~*~!!! I'm hoping for an implantation dip but I'm just waiting to see what happens. I plan on testing Monday at 11 dpo and then test every other day until I either get a pos hpt or af arrives. Let me know how everything goes!!


Nikki - April 6

Well, today my temp went back down to 97.8/9, but it is still above my coverline. Not quite low enough to be implantation, I think, so I guess it is a bad sign. I wish I could focus on something else, but unfortunately this is a very boring week for me. Maybe this weekend's strawberry festival will cheer me up? Or maybe seeing all the happy kids will make me depressed? I never know how I will react or feel, I've been so moody since I started this whole TTC thing.
Do you have any fertility issues since you took clomid?


babyloves2play - April 6

I've always had irregular cycles. So I know there are times I don't ovulate. I took clomid to jumpstart my reproductive system into ovulating. January I used opks and had an lh surge and bd'd when I was suppose to and nothing happened. This cycle has been completely different. I had a hard time pinpointing when I ovulated this month. I can't believe it took until cd 48 (or 49). The thing I hate about all of this is all the signs of pregnancy are the same as af. Temp seems to be the only thing reliable. I also saw a variation in it when I took it orally so I started checking my temps vaginally and it doesn't vary as much so I think it is more accurate. Do you check yours orally? AND I do know how you feel about focusing on ttc. I spend alot of time checking my charts and comparing other women's charts that got pregnant. I can't seem to focus on anything else. This weekend should be fun though! A strawberry festival sounds cool! I'm cooking early Easter dinner for my family and having an egg hunt for the kids. I'm gonna have a hard time waiting to test though. I plan on testing 10 dpo now (Sun.). Today my temps made it up to 98.57. Do you know if my temps will keep going up or finally level off? I was hoping for an implantation dip but nothing yet. Don't give up, you could still be pregnant!!! Talk to you later! ~*~*Babydust*~*~


Jaycee - April 6

Hi girls, will love to join you in this 2ww. I am on 8dpo today and not having any symptoms except tired-ness in evenings and small headaches..I used opks this cycle and I do not chart my temps. I have somewhat irregular cycles, this cycle i ovulauted on cd20 or cd21..I had got +opk on cd19. I am so much worried this cycle as it has been so long TTC now (2 years out of which last six months we have been seriously trying)..I really wish things work out this cycle. Lets wait together and get those BFP's. Keeping fingers crossed for all of us!


babyloves2play - April 6

Hi Jaycee, welcome to our 2ww. Today I am 7 dpo. I'm hoping to test Sunday. I get so impatient. I'm on cd 55 and ovulated on cd 48 (or 49). I've come to realize that I have to do temps because sometimes opk's don't work for me. My symptoms so far are mild crampiness, headache, skin breakout, breast tenderness, and I'm starting to feel a little moody (happy one minute and not the next). I'm hoping we all get a BFP too!! ~*~*Babydust*~*~


Jaycee - April 6

babyloves2play , I am too chicken to test so soon..i don't know. Your symptoms sound promising..I had skin breakout too on 5dpo but it has cleared now.And I had a very sharp pain at right hand side of my tummy on 6dpo morning when I got up. My breasts are not sore not even a bit and apart from being tiredness I can not point out anything different. Really, these 2ww symptoms are so like my normal PMS symtoms that i am scared to get my hopes up. I plan to wait till 12dpo at least to test.


Nikki - April 7

Well, I am torn when it comes to test dates. On one hand I am as impatient as babyloves2play, but at the same time I just really hate (and I don't use that word too much, but this I really HATE) seeing the BFNs. They are soooo depressing. I might go ahead and test monday if nothing changes before that.
So far I think we've got the right idea about staying busy for this wait, whether its by cooking dinner or eating strawberries until I puke. I won't drink any daquiries just in case, and I know this will make all my insensitive friends ask if I am pregnant. It seems that people ask that all the time since I've been trying, but its probably just me getting fat :-(
Alright, this probably makes no sense, but I just had a little fight with my dh and I am trying to think about other things! Thanks for "listening" and good luck with the temps!
Oh, and I think its a good sign if they keep rising right now.


Jaycee - April 7

Hello girls..Good Morning! Howz is everyone doing today? I have been feeling quite relaxed since yesterday afternoon and full of energy. My tiredness seems to have gone all together.I have been feeling hungrier than usual though, had to get up at night just before sleeping to eat something!Also, my right bb hurt while I was sleeping and could not sleep on right side..overall had a very restless sleep yesterday.Bbbs seem back to normal today morning..left one hurts a little if i poke it:). I am 9dpo today and feeling great as of now and looking forward to the weekend!Nikki dear, you have fun at strawbeery festival and also make up with your DH over the weekend. I have decided not to get upset or sad because of TTC pressure anymore. Somehow, I feel that each of us is going to get their special blessing soon and its taking long just because God wants us to have the special ones and so that we will cherish it even more..Lets pray and hope together for our little ones on their way to us!! Babydust for all*~*~*~*~*~*


babyloves2play - April 7

HI everyone, I hope all is going well. I agree with Jaycee about making up with dh. My dh and I have little spats from time to time also but everything works itself out and it will for you too NIkki. Have fun at the festival! The only festival I can think of they have close to here is a watermelon festival. I live in a really, really small town. I had a problem taking my temp this morning and wondered if it had happened to either of you. I took it vaginally several times in a row and it was different evreytime. It ranged between 98.44 and 98.66 and it is confusing me when it comes to charting. I thought it would be the same if I checked it more than once at the same time. I used the last temp (98.66). Think it will work? I'm 8 dpo and getting so impatient. I've started using opks to see if they are pos. I'm so hoping for a BFP for us all!!! ~*~*Babydust*~*~


Nikki - April 7

Hello girls!
Its good to hear that you're feeling so good, Jaycee. I hope you are right about all of us getting the little blessing we are hoping for! It is spring time and that alone makes everything seem a little brighter.
Babyloves2play, I once took my temp twice in a row and there was a 0.3 difference - I was veryy confused. After having asked a few people I decided to use the first one - even though they were all taken under the same circumstances. Now I just resist the urge to double check my temps.
But whatever temp you use from this morning, it's still pretty high which at this point sounds good.
This morning I was a 98.7 - the highest I've been, but it seems a little too high, so I'm thinking I might have had a little fever or something.
Well, my cramps are pretty much gone now, the only thing I feel is sore nipples - something I've felt before when AF is coming :-( Still, I refuse to get depressed yet. So far it seems that there's still hope for all of us.


babyloves2play - April 8

Hi guys, well my cramping has eased off now but I have a mild pain in my right side. Is that normal? Maybe I just laid funny and made my side feel funky. Good nigt and ~*~*Babydust*~*~


babyloves2play - April 8

Morning girls, I hope you have a great weekend. Just wanted to come on here and vent a little. I went back to fertilityfriend and put the first temp I got yesterday (98.49) and the first one I got this am (98.38) and now it tells me I ovulated (dark red line and coverline) on cd 53 which means I'm just 4 dpo. I'm so confused and depressed. The only good thing about it is that it says my chance is high for pregnancy when it comes to bd timing. I know my O date moved because of the pos opk's I had and I have to admit the darkest line was on cd52. Now I can't test for another 6 to 8 days. Oh well......... Have a great weekend! I'm gonna go start cooking now. ~*~*Babydust*~*~


na25 - April 8

my temp today was 96.8 and due to babyzone calendar i should be ovulating tomorrow,,,will se what happens


Nikki - April 8

wow na, hope you get a good piece of azz! lol.


Tawnya - April 9

Hi! This my first visit to a forum. I am in my 2ww. Had IUI on April 2. I am driving myself mad - thinking I have symptoms, thinking I don't... fluctuating beweeen between thinking I am/am not pregnant. This is my first cycle. Was on Metformin for about 6 mths prior (PCOS) and took Clomid (days 5-9). Want to know, but nervous too. Wishing everyone a quick 2ww, with happy news in the end.



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