2 same color line on ovulation test for 7 days straight
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Steph - July 28

Hi All, this is going to be long, so sorry ahead of time...here goes...I am 29 and have an 8 year old son (conceived unexpectedly!) I have been ttc #2 for over 3 years now. I was treated with Clomid 2 years ago & had IUI and did become preg., but m/c @ 6 weeks. I was finally diagnosed with PCOD 10 months ago and have been on Metformin since. I have had fasting glucose blood test which they said was in normal range, therefore the meds were working. I have also been having regular periods since being on the Met, only a little longer (34 days). I have been using Ovulation Test sticks for the past several months. The first couple of months the tests seemed to work exactly like they said they would. Very faint lines until the actual surge. This month I started testing on the 20th and have been getting equally dark lines on the test every day since. The thing is though that based on my cycle length, I should ovulate around day 20. I also have been using the Ovuscope (saliva test) and have not gotten the positive result on that yet. Has anyone else had a similar experience with the Ovulation tests, and what was the outcome, or reason for the positive results for so many days? Thanks for your time and responses.


D. - July 28

My guesses are: 1) Your body is trying to ovulate but simply hasn't succeeded. It keeps surging trying to push the egg out but nothing has happened yet. or 2) You're pregnant. OPKs can be used as an HPT (though they should always, always be backed up by an HPT just to be sure!) The lines need to be as dark or darker in order for this to work, after you know you ovulated of course, since you always have LH in your system. Any chance of it being the second?


Steph - July 28

D. Thanks for your response. Anything is possible I guess. I had AF right on time on July 9....but it was a little different. I had really bad cramps the morning that I started, which was something that was a regular thing for me in high school, but not in recent years. I did some reading last night though and realized that elevated LH levels are a symptom of PCOD, which I have. I was told though that once the insulin resistance is under control that the other horomones would regulate. I have lost weight since being on the Metformin, and had a blood test to confirm that the Met was doing what it was supposed to. So now why all of a sudden are the OPK's going wacky? Besides, if I wasn't ovulating, I wouldn't be having a period right on time every month, right? This is all just so confusing. And of course I hope for the best, but it just makes the let down even harder every month when it doesn't happen. Thanks again for your input....I have an appt. tomorrow for a yearly check up, but maybe I'll get a good surprise.



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