When should I take a pregnancy test?
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iLoveHim_ - January 15

I had my last period on December 11, 2011. I was due January 8, 2012. & my period has still not came. No cramps, just bubbly feelings in my lower stomach. No spotting, no nothing. Should I take a pregnancy test?


Nikki101 - January 16

Yes take a test if it still dnt cum on go 2 the Dr to c wats wrong


iLoveHim_ - January 17

Thank you! I took one yesterday & it came up positive! :)


Nikki101 - January 18



iLoveHim_ - January 18

Thank you! :) is it a high risk of having a miscarriage around this time. I'm being so careful & praying to God that I don't have one.



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