iui & implantation bleeding
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believetoday160 - January 1

Happy New Year everyone. New to this forum.
I had an IUI 12 days ago and have not experienced implantation bleeding. Is this a sign that the IUI was not successful? Has anyone had this experience?


wildswan - January 4

implantation bleeding does not happen to everyone. keep ur fingers cross nevertheless:)


believetoday160 - January 5

Thanks wildswan. I just got my period today, bummed. We'll be trying another IUI in a few weeks again, hope it works.


Nikki101 - January 6

Hey gudluck I had an iui last month it dnt work either.


believetoday160 - January 6

Hi Nikki. Are you doing another round on Clomid or have other plans? I am starting my next round. Iam trying to be positive ,but its sooo hard.


Nikki101 - January 7

No I will not be doing another round of clomid I'm just gne be patience n wait on God cuz everything is in his timing.



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