Teying to conceive with KY jelly
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mohini - June 1

Hello friends! I use KY jelly for lubrication during intercourse. But now i'm planning for pregnancy. So is it safe to use ky jelly for conceiving? will i be able to conceive or does ky jelly kills the sperm? Need advise....


A - June 3

I am not too sure about KY Jelly, but there are jells out there that you can use that can help in conceiving..Hope this helps!


ali - June 10

apparently all the lubs hurt your chances except for preseed but its expensive to buy. I got it and it feels great but 6 tubes for $30 US plus i had to import duty of $8 to Canada it's too expensive. I'm in a bind b/c I'm very dry too and need the help


longing4baby - June 12

KY jelly has a spermicide in it that kills sperm. Look for a lube that is spermicide free. Try asking your doctor for a natural, spermicide free lubricant. It is a common problem for women to be dry during intercourse, and I bet there is a safe remedy that is prescribed. Also, I read in "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that if you have a hard time producing the right kind of cervical mucous during ovulation and it is preventing u from getting prgnant, that you could us egg whites during intercourse, as long as you are careful to wash carefully afterwards. I'm not sure about this notion, but thought I'd put it out there for you anyway! Good luck!


M - August 1

You can use Pre-Seed, buy this off the net. Its designed for this problem and does not kill the sperm


D. - August 2

And if your problem is that you don't have enough CM, try some of these: baby carrots (fresh only), evening primrose oil (from CD4 until ovulation ONLY), 100 oz. of water a day, grapefruit juice. If the problem is that your CM is too thick, try taking mucinex once a day (it's guaifenessin in pill form, easier to take). THe mucinex will NOT increase CM but it will thin it out so that it's no so thick. Take it once a day starting around CD5 until you know you ovulate. Good Luck!


J - October 11

KY jelly doesn't always have a spermicide. You have to read the back of the package to make sure.
Maybe some do but the one I used said at the back that it was not a spermicide.


sia - October 11

hi mohini .. dont try ky jelly ..istead of that use preseed


Deb - October 13

Preseed is on sale right now. You can get it through amazon.com or at www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. It is 16.99 USD for 6 tubes plus you get two free pregnancy test strips. I know it is more expensive than other lubricants, but it is worth it. It is the only lubricant on the market that is completely sperm friendly. I like that it is applied internally, and that you can put it in up to 15 minutes before BDing. That way, no one has to get their hands all messy (unless you want to...lol)


Jewels - October 14

I dont know about you but the KY I have at the back says this product does not contain a spermicide.


Deb - October 15

It doesn't have to contain a spermacide to be harmful to sperm. It won't kill the sperm but it acts like a barrier to sperm so they can't swim freely through the cervix. Go to www.ingfertility.com and it shows you pictures of using a normal lubricant and with preseed. Preseed is the only lubricant that actually helps the sperm travel through the cervix.


donna - January 25

no ky jelly can prevent conception, there is a sperm friendly one but cant remember name, ask for it at local chemist



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