just praying for help
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chosen - December 25

my name is chosen and am in need of getting help with my tubal reversal,am so sad because am married now and my husband wants a baby but we cant afford it is it any one can help us please repose,god bless u.


Nikki101 - December 26

HI I just wnt u 2 know dat u r not alone I'm 21 n married my husband n i have been trying for 18 months now, I tried iui once and it dnt work so I'm just going 2 b patience n wait on God because everything is n his timing not ours.


wildswan - January 4

so true nikki. chosen, keep strong.


Nikki101 - January 6

I am, how have u been do n wildswan


wildswan - January 6

i feel normal, no af yet. trying to keep calm bout the possibilities.


Nikki101 - January 7

Gudluck n fingers crossed keep us posted.


wildswan - January 18

i went to my doc today. i am about 6wks and getting the nauseated feeling. hoping and praying for a safe and healthy nine months.


natasha cole - January 24

am natasha by name from SOUTH AFRICA. My husband decided to divorce me because i was unable to conceive after 12 years of marriage due to my BARRENNESS i visited different hospitals they were unable to help me i cried all day all to no avail, i decided to end it all by killing myself until God intervene by sending a friend of mine who was suffering from PCOS introduce me to the DR SCOTT that cured her. i contacted him and he helped me. I really want to thank DR SCOTT for the great work he did for me. After 12years of my marriage i and my husband was really desperate to have our own child . But through the help of great DR SCOTT i was able to conceive a week after his spell. for more information contact me via email drclimentscott AT gmail.com drclimentscott AT gmail.com With so much joy in my heart, i and My husband want to recommend DR SCOTT to everyone that has been looking for help for a long time to conceive to kindly contact DR SCOTT to help you with his pregnancy spell, contact him via his whatsapp number +2347036879479 . or call him through his mobile number +2347036879479 +2347036879479 drclimentscott AT gmail.com drclimentscott AT gmail.com


Arose - September 16

Hi Chosen,
I am really sorry for the state you have found yourself in. The journey to conceiving is not as easy as most people think. It is difficult especially for ladies who have undergone tubal ligation as it is in your case. Luckily, I want to pronounce here that tubal ligation could be reversed to allow you to conceive and give birth to children just like other women. I know that sometimes we make hasty decisions such as allowing your doctor to tie our tubes because we don’t want to get pregnant but along the way, we change our mind and decide that we want one more child. When this happens, a woman must seek tubal ligation reversal. In your case, I think this would be the best option. The surgeon will reopen and untie the fallopian tube to allow you to have a baby once more. Maybe you need to tell me how old you are because most doctors will not carry on this exercise if you are past a certain age. Also, you need information on when the tying was done. If you supply me these details, I will advise you where you should go.


Anjlina - September 22

Hey chosen, I feel so sorry for u baby. Don't loose ur hope. Become a parent is not an easy task but u have to be strong. My best wishes is always with u. You are always in my prayer darling!!!


emma spencer - September 24

4. Hi its emma 44 years old trying to conceive. But with the passage of time I am almost losing all hopes and courage to keep going on. Me and my husband went for many doctors. Treatments never worked out. Due to my busy life style I never thought it will be a problem. As I always saw people having baby whenever they want.
I planned it late. But due to uterus thin lining I am unable to get pregnant. My husband emboldens me always with other options. But considering anything else I want to try all the possible treatment. I fly through the various states despite of being on budget and some time alone to different doctors. But everything gone in vain. One of my ex-colleague was facing same issue. But she got recovered after same treatment.


Neha5 - October 15

Take time for yourself every day. Even if it’s five or 10 minutes where you put your feet up and zone out, it allows your body a quick recharge. When your life centers around trying to conceive the focus changes to the end result instead of the process. Don’t forget you are a part of the process, and it’s important you remain healthy, clear, and balanced.
Journaling is very important. It gets those negative emotions out of your head and allows you to check in with yourself about what is going on and then how you can flip it around to the positive.



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