sperm count??
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Ann - March 19

if you are trying to get pregnant, how often should you have sex during ovulation? will the sperm count diminish?


S - March 23

You should have intercouse every OTHER day from day 9-16 /possible ovulation/ of your period. Sperm count will this way stay high enough all times.


krystal - April 18

You should pay close attention while wipping 10days after your period. When you see and feel a mucas discharge you need to have sex with in the next 12 hours. Keep it up for the next day or so when ever you can. Don't have sex from day 10 on until you see the sign. Then have on have fun. Good luck.


leah - June 24

the more you have sex, the more chances of getting pregnant.also make sure to keep the sperms inside the vagina longer and prevent it from flowing out.this helps!


xoxo - July 6

sperm can live 4 days inside the woman's vagina. so you can actually get pregnant up to 4 days after sex.



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