Need help w/Clomid
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jlw - September 7

Hi- I had IVF and AI with Follistim and did well, but had miscarriage and tubal pregnancy. We lost our infertility insurance when my hubby changed jobs so my RE gave me Clomid before I left. He gave me BC pills to take to bring on period (haven't had a normal period since I had my premature son, stillborn, in 2003) and I decided to give myself a break. I tried the Clomid a year or so ago and no luck at 100mg. I know my ovaries are used to Follistim and probably view Clomid like it is nothing, but I am trying it again at 200mg. I tried 150mg last time, about 6 months ago. Anyway, I wonder when taking 200mg if you should take them twice a day, 100mg at a time, or all together.

I am on day 5 of period and needed to start so I took the 200mg all together. It's not much more than the 150mg, but I'm still worried. I don't even have an OB here- we just moved again and again, no infertility insurance.

I generally have low estrogen, and am cystic, but my RE didn't think Clomid would be a problem after taking such high doses of Follistim.

Am I overdoing it? I've read several forums where people take 200mg and since 150 didnt work, figured I'd give it one last try.

I'm hoping we can find a way to try IVF again, but it sounds expensive. Our RE insurance in TX covered EVERYTHING and now it doesn't even cover testing! If adoption were feasible I would jump at it- I honestly don't care HOW I get a baby, just want to be a mom. After losing my baby boy due to a nurse's mistake, I think adoption would actually be better, but I hear it is as expensive or more so than IVF.

Anyway, if anyone has an answer on the Clomid dosage (taking it once or twice a day) I'd appreciate it.


Sara - September 12

Hi jlw, I'm currently on 100mg of clomid and I'm finally ovulating. I heard the max dose of clomid one could take was 150mg. That's what my ob/gyn told me. I really want a baby too, I'm so ready to be a mom. My Dh and I have been TTC for 2 years (1 year with meds). Anyway I know it will happen some day but I got to learn to be patient about things like this because I have no control over it. Good luck to you and I hope one day you get your beautiful baby.



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