Low progesterone
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Toni - August 10

Does anyone have experience with ttc and taking progesterone supplements?


KellyN - August 10

Hi! My doc put me on prometrium after ovulation to build up my uterus. Still taking it. This is my first month though. I've been having a lot of pg symptoms on this med. I'm 12 dpo and can't tell if I'm pg or if its just a symptom of the meds! -kelly


Toni - August 11

Thanks Kelly for responding. That is what I am on also and this is my first month. Today is only day 14 so I haven't started just yet. What kind of symptoms do you have? And what did you dr. say the supplements would do to your AF if you have one?


KellyN - August 11

Hi Toni! My symptoms were being really bloated the first week, and also crampy. The second week (this week) I felt very tired, sometimes nautious, sometimes dizzy, not very bloated, but still a bit crampy. The doc said my af would be heavier than normal (because of my thicker lining), so I'm expecting that. This morning my temps went down and I started pre-af spotting, so af is definitely on her way! :o( I'll let you know how it goes and if the cramping is any worse than normal. I'm kind of afraid to find out... -kelly


Toni - August 12

Kelly, did the dr. say it would make your cycle longer? And is day 12 when he said to start taking it? I would really like to follow this with you since I am going through the same thing. I am supposed to start the supplements tomorow. Was this for a short luteal phase? -Toni


KellyN - August 12

Hi Toni. My doc got me started with it after ovulation, on cd 15. He knew when I would ovulate because he gave me an hcg shot on cd 12. I ovulated two days later on cd 14. I've been taking them ever since. I'm expecting af to start tomorrow, since I spotted yesterday. The dr told me to take them until af came, so I'll probably take my last one tonight. The Dr did not say it would make my cycle longer, but then I have a pretty normal cycle time anyway (28 days). Did your doc tell you to take it because you need a longer luteal phase? I've heard of that before, but I wasn't sure what supplement would fix that. -kelly


Toni - August 13

Hi Kelly, I hope that you get other news today! But yes it is for a short luteal phase that I am taking the stuff. I only have a 24 day cycle. How did your dr find out you needed to build up your lining? Keep me posted!--Toni


KellyN - August 15

Hi Toni! Well, af came yesterday, so on to another month of meds for me. I've heard that clomid can have an effect on your progesterone level, so many women who take it also have to take supplements. I'm glad af started. I was worried that it wouldn't start taking the prometrium for so long. Now 5 days nearly med free before i start the next round of clomid. I think the doc will do an IUI this month. Clomid can also make your cm kind of dry, and it was a bit lacking this month, so the IUI should bypass that problem. Have you started taking progesterone yet? Let me know your side effects, so we can compare stories, if you don't mind. On to another month!! -kelly


Toni - August 15

I too am worried that the prog. supplements will delay my af. I started with that on Sat. It is so hard to time all of this with my husband traveling for work! So far no symptoms. I had to take this with my other two pregnancies. I don't remember any side effects because I was already pregnant. But it must have worked! I am not scheduled for Clomid yet. My dr said that if you are already ovulating, it can stop it! I hope your next cycle is successful. Let's keep responding to each other!---Toni


KellyN - August 15

Sounds good! I'll keep checking daily here or nearly so. I just got back from the gyno, and will be starting clomid early this month, cd 3 (tomorrow) through 7th. So much for a few med-free days! Oh well, this will speed up my cycle this month and make me ovulate a couple days earlier. I've got my IUI scheduled for next Thursday, and then its back to the progesterone supplements. That's so funny that your dh goes out of town on business. My dh is always out of town on business too! Almost every week! Should be interesting getting him home to give a sample for the IUI next week! Baby dust to you Toni!! -kelly


Toni - August 16

Kelly, how long have you guys been trying? We are on month 6. Is your AF really heavier so far? Cramping more?....Toni


KellyN - August 17

Hi Toni! My af is already gone! I can't believe it. Here I was gearing up for a bigger af than I have seen for a while and really only two days of actual flow. I started spotting last Wednesday (which I usually spot before af), and then af started on Sunday. Today, wednesday, it is all gone, not even spotting!! Yesterday I was spotting only a little. Maybe its the clomid that has suppressed it or something, because I started taking that yesterday. Do you know the effects of clomid on af?? Looks like I'm going to have to do some research. Let me know what happens to your af when it comes! -kelly


Toni - August 17

Kelly- Wow that is much shorter than I would have expected! I don't know much about clomid yet. I will keep you posted on my af. I have 4-8 days to find that out. .....Toni


KellyN - August 18

Hi Tony. I've been trying to research this, but can't find anything. I'll keep checking back here to find out what happens to you. I'm really curious about this. My temps are down, so I know I'm not pg. -kelly


Toni - August 21

Kelly- So far so good on my cycle getting longer. Not time to take hpt yet. Did you take one just in case? What kind of thermometer are you using? I tried to start that for charting but did not get very good numbers from my thermometer. Any effects from the clomid?-----Toni


KellyN - August 23

Hi Toni! I'm all done taking the clomid. Tomorrow they will do an u/s and give me an hcg shot. I cannot take a hpt for 14 days after the hcg shot because it will give me a false positive (since the hpt's read hcg in the system). I feel really bloated, kind of like my period was not long enough to shed all the lining like it should. Maybe the doctor will have some good info for me tomorrow. He will also measure the thickness of my uterus during the u/s. I know there are some hpts that you can take up to 4 or 5 days before your period is due. Of course some pregnant women will not get a positive even with these until a few days after their missed period. I forget the brand of my thermometer, but it is a cheap digital one. I take my temp every morning at 5:30 (alarm set to then). You have to take it after at least 3 hours of sleep for it to be correct. What time have you been taking your temps?? Will start again with the progesterone supplements on Friday this week. Sure hope it doesn't make me as sleepy as I was last month!


Toni - August 24

Hi Kelly, I have been sleepy too! Today is day number 28, so I think tomorrow I will take a hpt. I usually have spotting around day 22 and then start on 24. So I think the prog. is working. It has made my cycle longer for sure. But next month I will start the u/s and shots too. Here's hoping you get good news with your u/s. I was taking my temp at various times (whenever I woke up). I guess that was the problem huh? Let me know how it goes and what they find.....Toni



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