help charting
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lani - July 20

I have been tracking my cycle my hubby plays football and when the season starts I know that it is going to be hard with him being away and all the games and him being tired so we are really trying maybe I am charting wrong my period started July 16th and are 25 days apart please help


D. - July 20

What exactly are you asking, after at least three hours of conssecutive sleep (and no alcohol the night before)? Do you temp at the same time everyday? Do you check your CM and CP? If you are doing these things, and recording them online (like at fertilityfriend) the software will take care of it the details for you. Did this answer your question?


D. - July 20

Just one more thing: If your periods are only 25 days apart you may be ovulating very early. Or you may have a luteal phase issue. Charting can help you identify either of these.



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