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pppp - April 13

after intercourse, the semen come out, even the day after during urinate time.
is that normal to have all the semen stored into the womb after intercourse? any leakage?


? - May 5

I'm confused


k.c - May 7

what do you mean? it comes out but the next day thats weird.


Sal - May 11

This is normal, It helps if in missionary possition to put a pillow under your bum during and after sex. When you finish dont move for at least 20 minuets. 1/4 of the sperm is no use anyway but hundreds make it to your tubes so dont worry that is more than enough. Hope that helps, good luck.


Amy - June 5

pppp- I have the same things happen to me. After incourse some of the semen does come out and then even the next day when I urinate I noticed a big blob drop out of me..I know it sounds gross, but I was told it is normal and it happens to a lot of my friends as well.


melanie - June 5

Ladies, sperm lives inside of us for up to 36 hrs. It really isn't abnormal for us to experience leakage.



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