PCOS and on Clomid
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Beth - July 15

Kellie, I gave into the pressure and did a test today it was (-) but it's only 11 dpo so I'm still holding out hope though no longer too excited. Just to let you in on something, if you have a dollar store in your town they sell pregnancy tests that detect hcg of 20. I know I've spent a ton on the HPT's at the drugstores. A friend of mine used them when she was ttc and it was right when she got pregnant. Good luck and keep us posted.


Kellie - July 18

Well Beth I got the BFN on friday and AF started Saturday. I guess i can't trust what my body does because I felt all the signs were there. Sigh. Well I guess there's next month! Please keep updating Beth on how you are. 11dpo is early still so don't give up yet. Talk to you soon!


Beth - July 19

Well still BFN yesterday I'm now 15 dpo and still no AF and no signs of it. My doctor sent me to get a blood test today so I'll know tomorrow. I really am expecting the negative I'm probably still just off cycle or I ovulated later than I and the doctor thought. Sorry about AF coming to visit you but there's always next month. I'm ditching the clomid and starting Femara because I found out I have a blood clotting disorder so they don't want me on clomid anymore. Always something. Keep us posted for next month


Kellie - July 20

Beth, I am ditching the Clomid too cause it gave me cysts. I got a call today and the doc said my Progesterone and Prolactin levels are perfect now so hope now my cycles will be normal. Next month, here I come! Hopefully that will be the month. For both of us! Beth how long have you been TTC? It's month 10 for us though most of that I wasn't ovulating. Still though, it's been 10 months!! I could already have a kid by now. Anyways keep me posted on your blood test!


Beth - July 21

BFN with the blood test too got AF today as well. At least there's always next month. I got my new script for Femara today so I'll start that on Saturday. We've been TTC for 10 months as well (well actually 9) we miscarried with our first at 6 weeks. I somehow got pregnant 2 weeks after going off the pill then never ovulated again. I guess with PCOS the best time to try and get pregnant is 2 weeks after going off the pill before your body can get messed up from the condition. Keep me posted on things. Baby Dust to us I have a good feeling about this next cycle.


KellyN - July 21

Hi All! WOW. I just got finished reading this, and its nice to know there are some others as scared as I am about what the heck is happening to me. I just found out this week that I have PCOS, so I am still recovering from that shock. No big cists, but a lot of tiny ones on my ovaries. Its really scaring me that after only one dr. appt I find myself taking all kinds of meds (pre nates, clomid, and some sort of diabetic med), and the dr wants to do insemination next week when dh goes in with his sperm sample. He says they will check it to make sure it is okay, wash it with a special cleanser, then inject it right into my cervix. I'm also doing an x-ray early next week, so they can check my tubes. I'm feeling kind of like a lab rat right now... -kelly


Beth - July 21

Kelly, I felt the SAME way. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 months ago now and I still feel like a lab rat but hopefully it will all be worth it. I have not been through the HSG (Xray) yet I'm doing that on Wednesday and then hopefully insemination on August 2nd or 3rd depending on how everything goes. I know it all happens so fast it's hard to take in. Hang in there the mood swings on Clomid were the toughest part of the treatment at least for me. Keep faith that everything will work out it just might take some time. Keep us posted as to the progress


KellyN - July 22

Thanks Beth! Here's a question for you ladies... Yesterday was my second day taking 100mg clomid. I felt these wierd pinches and small cramps in my ovary areas. Could this be because of the clomid or the pcos med?


Beth - July 22

Kelly I had weird ovary pains while I was on Clomid so I think it's pretty normal. I shouldn't be anything too painful though. Clomid can cause cysts to form so if it gets really painful I'd probably let the doctor know. Good luck


Kellie - July 25

Hi guys! KellyN welcome to the post. I do not have PCOS but have had some cysts and the Clomid gave me more. So I don't know why they would put you on that. A side effect of it is that it can cause them. Anyways I had one cycle of it and did have some pains in my ovaries which I thought that meant it was working. But it gave me a big cyst that caused me a lot of pain (now it's gone) but she didn't want to put me on it again. I am only on one medication for my HIGH prolactin level so now I am ovulating on my own. Just found out my hubby has a low sperm count, half of what it should be so that's our next step, figuring out how to get that up. Beth, have you considered going back on the pill for one month and see if you get pregnant the next month? Talk to you both soon.


Beth - July 26

Kellie, I thought about going back on the pill since the last time I got pregnant just after stopping but I was recently diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder. I guess I clot too easily and so I can't take the pill anymore. Just another problem to add to the list. Oh well we'll all get to where we want to be eventually. Baby Dust!


Kellie - July 26

Beth, well defintely don't go on it again then. That wouldn't be good! I know you can pull through this. Our bodies are meant to reproduce so it will happen in time for us. Our lives are about to get busy (my DH is in the Navy and leaves for 6 months in Jan) so I am really trying to let it go. I have also started excersising regularly hoping that will help boost my body to be more fertile. Who knows. I think our prob now is that my DH has a lower sperm count so we need to get that up. Anyways I try to wake up each day happy and blessed with what God has given me and not worry about tomorrow. Talk to you soon Beth.


KellyN - July 26

Thanks for the info, Beth and Kellie! I didn't know clomid could cause cists!!! That's kind of alarming!! The dr put me on it to help me ovulate, because the pcos has taken over some of my potential eggs. He also prescribed a diabetic medication that should help bring the cists that I already have down, so maybe he's thinking this medication will also stop any cists that clomid forms???? Anyone know?? -kelly


Kellie - July 26

KellyN I don't really know but I know that it only causes cysts in some people, not all. In my case it did but I had an u/s today and there are none. Only two follicles that are preparing for ovulation. So I am thankful for that! Keep us updated if it works for you!


KellyN - July 27

Will do. Today dh is going in to the dr to get checked. If he is all well, they will do an IUI, and likely an ultrasound before, so I should be able to check on the status of the cists. -kelly


Beth - July 27

KellyN I had ton's of cysts before using Clomid and it didn't cause any additional ones to form but I did develop 7 follicles (unfortunatly) none of them took with the last IUI but we're still hoping this one will be the month. I'm having my HSG today (CD 8) then on Aug 1st I'm having my ultrasound to determine what date we can do the IUI that's being positive that everything goes OK today and that the Femara actually works. How are you feeling on the Clomid? I had horrible vision problems with it and terrible mood swings. I feel completly normal on the Femara thankfully my poor husband took the brunt of my bad moods! Best of luck



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