PCOS and on Clomid
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Jessica - June 8

Hi I am 24 yrs old, my husband and I are ttc. Actually that wasn't our intention 4 months ago - but that's where we are today! When we got married last year I decided that I wanted to relieve my body of BC pills after being on them for 10 years! I figured we are married now with a house and if we got pregnant then great, if not that's okay too, I just wanted to give my body a chemical rest. After going off I found my periods being very irregular, ranging from 40-65 days! I went to my OBGYN and she diagnosed me with Polycystic overy syndrome (PCOS). I went to a WONDERFUL second doc. for a 2nd opionion and she confirmed. Come to find out being on BC pills for 10 years was actually the best thing I could have done for my body - ironic. I've had PCOS my whole life just never knew it, that's why the my periods were irregular when I was 14 - hence the BC pills at a young age. It was a hudge shock to find out that my options (for my own health benifit) was to either be on BC (to protect my overies) or to try an conceive with the help of Clomid. I never thought having a baby would intale this much thought, I always assumed that when it was right it would happen with God's will, or fait. So after that emotional shock we decided, that being it may take a while, we should start treatment now. So here I am on my first round of Clomid, 50 mg. I started day 5 of my cycle. Today is day 12. I experienced HOT FLASHES and night sweats like you wouldn't believe, and also very emotional, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected. Having a good mind set -that this may take a while and being I am not in a huge rush I think is helping my stress level down. I know this is going to take awhile so I am not stressing, we have time, I am just glad I caught this as early, and as young as I am. But now that I have been reading about people getting pregnant on the first round, I have to admit I am getting excited. I was just wondering if anyone here is on Clomid because of PCOS. Any success stories? How long did it take? When is the best day to ttc? I am going to start today (not that we haven't all week :-) or anything!) and continue every other day for one week. Just looking for some feedback. Best of luck to everyone!


Kristen - June 9

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 23 yrs old. I am now 30. I had ovarian drilling last June and spontaneously got pregnant in October 04. Unfortunately, my husband and I lost the baby in January but we currently ttc again. I just started Metformin for the PCOS and I'll start Clomid on the 5d of my next cycle. My doctor told me that my husband and I should have intercourse on day 12, 14, 16, and 17 since most women on Clomid ovulate on day 16. I normally ovulate on day 19 so we'll see if his predictions work at the end of this month when Keith and I ttc. We'll know by mid-July. I wish you luck and you and your husband will be in my prayers.


Jessica - June 10

Kristen I am sorry to hear about your loss; and I thank you for sharing. did you start ttc at age 23? Did it take 7 years? Is this your first round of Clomid? I am very worried about miscarring, I have to say this is an emotional ride. I never thought it would be this hard, it's not something you invision when you picture starting a family. But I have to play the hand I was delt. Thank you for your input, and thanks for your kind words. I too wish you the best of luck.


Beth - June 29

I too recently started on Clomid. I just finished my second cycle. My husband and I have been ttc for about 10 months. We lost a baby last Novemeber. I got pregnant 2 weeks after going off the pill but miscarried at 5 weeks. Since then it's been one thing after another. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS, I didn't fit most of the criteria, VERY THIN, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low cholesterol, but I was anovulatory and have lots of small cysts on my ovaries. The first round of Clomid was 50mg and I lost most of my night vision on it has anyone else had that happen? My OB sent me immediatly to a specalist that doubled the dose for this cycle (Still having BAD VISION) and I was suppose to have an HSG this week but apperently my cervix is very tight and even the smallest catheter can't be inserted, this is also probably not helping our chances of conceiving. I'm going tomorrow for a cervical dilation trial to see if anything will work. Has anyone had to go through this? I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing but hopefully it will all be worth it. Has anyone tried Femara with any good results? We're discussing trying that next cycle if this one doesn't work.
Best of luck!


Kellie - June 29

I just had my first cycle of Clomid. My doctor told me to use it day 3 thru 8. I am on day 14. I still have not ovulated according to my ovulation predictor kits. I had a big cyst (size of a golf ball) on my left side before I started all this and my prolactin levels were too high that I wasn't ovulating. So now I am taking med to control that, and then the Clomid. I just had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the cyst, and that one is gone, but there's a big one on my right side and 2 or 3 on my left that are small. I can't believe all this is happening. I am 24, my hubby is 26 and we have been married 4 years but only ttc since October, though most of that doesn't count because I think I only ovulated once since then. I am at a place where I am ok not having kids just yet so I try and keep positive too. I will update if the clomid works or not. Please all update too!


Beth - June 30

Kellie, I also didn't ovulate on target with my first round of Clomid I did finally ovulate on day 21 so it still could happen I'm only day 12 right now and nothing with the OPK this month either. Keep us posted


Kellie - July 4

Well I did ovulate as expected, day 15. The OPK is very helpful, I also chart my temperature and saw the big jump in my temp the same day I saw the dark line on the OPK. So I know I ovulated. Now, it's just the waiting game. I think I am on day 18. Everyday that I am not pregnant is another day I get to enjoy with my husband and take trips and do special things that will be hard with kids. So ladies, do the same with your husbands. Stay positive and into eachother through all this. We WILL get pregnant. God tells us He will never leave us or forsake us. Hope this was of some encouragement to you!


Beth - July 6

Good luck with everything. I had my first IUI on 7/4 so we are in the waiting game as well. Those 2 weeks go by so slow I'm praying that this is the month. Best of luck!


Kellie - July 6

Beth what is IUI? Is it like artificial insemination?


Beth - July 7

IUI is intrauterine insemination, same as artificial insemination but I guess you can do insemination intrauterine or cervical...They say IUI is suppose to increase the chance of getting pregnant but the doctor that did the insemination didn't make me feel too confident about the success rate. She said it's only about 6% per cycle
:( But I guess you just have to keep thinking positive thoughts and praying really hard.


Kellie - July 7

Beth, anything is possible! I have a few cysts and my doc said it's not likely I will get pregnant even if I did ovulate but I don't believe him and I am out to prove him wrong. I never used to have cysts until the last month or two and then I took clomid and got more so now I am giving my body a break to get back to normal. I am still hoping this is the month though. Babies are miracles and you can't force miracles. So I will be patient...


Beth - July 10

Kellie, you're right anything is possible. My doctor keeps being somewhat on the down side about my chances of getting pregnant with all this fertility treatment. I have to keep reminding him that less than a year ago I got pregnant on my own, unfortunately I miscarried but on the good side it means it's possible. Good luck and keep positive!


Kellie - July 10

Beth, I am sure it will happen soon for all of us. God tells us we will be fruitful. I know He will bless us all with children. For now I just try to live each day happy and fulfilled with the love that me and my husband share. Good luck Beth, please keep updating on if your IUI worked! I hope it did!


Kellie - July 12

Hi again. I am having lots of wierd symptoms but as always am trying not to get my hopes up. For whatever reason, I felt my cervix today (I am 12 dpo) and it's soft and high. Anyone knows if that's a sign of pg?


Beth - July 15

Kellie it could be I'm not really sure. I'm not having any symptoms yet :( Oh well maybe next month. I'm still holding out a little hope for this month but I guess Monday will bring what it brings. Keep us posted.


Kellie - July 15

Ahh to update...I had a tiny bit of pink today when i went to the bathroom. I think I am going to test today to put my mind at ease! It's either the beginning of AF or IB. I can't keep wondering. I will update when I know!


Beth - July 15

Kellie, I gave into the pressure and did a test today it was (-) but it's only 11 dpo so I'm still holding out hope though no longer too excited. Just to let you in on something, if you have a dollar store in your town they sell pregnancy tests that detect hcg of 20. I know I've spent a ton on the HPT's at the drugstores. A friend of mine used them when she was ttc and it was right when she got pregnant. Good luck and keep us posted.



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