FSH Level and peimenapause Please Help
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Ann1 - June 19

Val, thanks for the success story. Do you know what your friend's fsh number is? Karen, I have read the same thing about labs. Also, there are different ways to test (different assays whatever that means), so the results are different.


Val - June 19

Ann, I'm not sure what my friend's fsh number was but I'll find out if I can. Karen, did you inquire at more than one fertility tx center/doctor's office about IVF? I know that some tx facilities sometimes have lower cut-offs in terms of who they will work with, partially to improve their success rate stats. Just a thought. If the chances are really low that it would work, then spending all that money definitely doesn't make sense. My heart goes out to you... best of luck to you...


Ann1 - June 20

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been hectic. I got up Saturday morning and took a hpt, since af hadn't arrived--BFN of course. I was extra bummed, because since af didn't arrive by 6/17, I could have done ivf this cycle if not for the surgery on Thursday. Af arrived on Saturday, or so I thought. It totally went away after just a small amount of bleeding, so I didn't start w/the BCPs (waiting for full flow). Sunday still no af and I didn't have any hpts. I have read about people getting a surge with an opk, so I took one of those Sunday night. I got a surge. I sent my dh to the store and half time on the Mavs game for some hpts. I took 2 hpts Monday morning and they were both positive. I went straight to the dr and they drew blood. I looked on peeonastick.com and looked at the "a line is a line" faq, because my line was lighter than the control line. Of the 3 examples of positive tests, my line was almost as dark as the darkest one. I thought this just can't be right. I don't feel any "symptoms." Absolutely NOTHING!! After nothing w/injectibles, I thought I couldn't have been lucky enough for this to happen on its own. The RE's office called yesterday afternoon. It really is true. I got a BFP!!! My hcg was 104 and progesterone 29.6! I am cautiously happy, but I can't wait to get the next blood test results tomorrow to see if everything doubles. I am also at a higher risk of m/c due to my high fsh and the fibroids, but this is the first step! I am still in total shock.


cromwell - June 20

ANN--YEAHHHH. I hope, I hope. That is such good news. And it was au natural. Ann, quit focusing on the negatives! You are pregnant, congratulations--and keep us posted!


Ann1 - June 20

Laurie, you sound like my dh. He only likes to focus on the positives. I like to keep the negatives in sight just so I don't have a huge let down. It is easier for me to protect myself a little. Thanks for the congrats!



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