clomid no success now on puregon
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tootsy - May 22

hi ladies, im new to this forum, ttc for more than 2yrs. hubby and i did all test and found out that i have PCOS. I did try clomid for 3 cycles with no success, first cyle i took 50mg clomid had 10mm follicle not good enough, so it was cancelled. 2nd cycle dr. increased my dose to 100mg responded okay as i had 16mm follicle i triggered ovulation by pregnyl following day. unfortunately, after 2ww got bfn. 3rd cycle i took same dose of 100mg clomid, had my usual scan at day 12 it was all okay follicles are 12mm and 10mm, went back day 15 for my second scan and doctor said i already ovulated with no viable follicle hence the cycle was cancelled.

  Doctor changed my course of treatment to puregon and iui because im not responding well with clomid. basically ill take 50iu of puregon for 9days then go for scan to see if i have good size follicle. Today i just injected my first dose 

anybody out there having same problem like mine any success stories??



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