5 weeks pregnant taking Prometrium
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Cheryl - April 28

I have had one miscarriage and now I am 5 weeks pregnant, The doctor has put me on 100mg Prometrium becasue my hormone level is very low, has anyone else gone through this? I am so very scared of losing tis child as well. I have already experienced a stillborn in 2004 and just miscarried jan 2005. I am praying this med will work....


Amy - June 11

I am also on Prometrium~ just for ten days, though, to "jumpstart" my missing period. My doc said it was totally safe and would not cause me to abort in the unlikely event that I was actually pregnant.


Toni - August 27

I used this with my other two successful pregnancies. I hope you are doing well. I had low levels as well. Keep us posted.


Tania - October 25

Cheryl, I too am 5 weeks and was just put on progesterone suppositories today. I like you have had one miscarriage and am quite nervous about the outcome. To talk more, send me an email at: [email protected] Good luck to you!


rosem - February 15

i'm 10 weeks pregnants tomorrow. I have been taking prometrium vaginally since i was 6 wks and 5 days. So far everything is going alright i guess. The last time i went to the doc and had a ultrasound was when i was 8 wks and 3 days. Well they said everything looked perfect. And i even seen my babies heart beat. The reason they was even testing me for progesterone and HcG levels is because i had 2 previous miscarriages this year. But so far everything is going well, I hope it works out for you also.



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