You just never know
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cspears99 - April 25

Hi ladies it just proves you can ovulate or produce follicles at any time, my dh and I have been ttc for over 2 1/2 yrs now with no luck, we have done 3 rounds of clomid with IUI and one canceled cycle of Gonal-f injections, we are now taking a break, I have had the drugs out of my system for over 2 months now with 2 normal periods, I can feel when I am ovulating I get lots of pain in ovaries, so with my af due this friday I had lots of pain, could barely walk like when I ovulate, so I got nervous it was a cyst went to dr and had an ultrasound done it was two giant follicles so I had produced them 3 days before period due it was cycle day 28??? he said go home and have sex you never know?? so at any time you can get pregnant for most, I am fine, I produce follicles just fine but who knows if I ovulate I don't know if they ever fall, but still no luck just wanted to share that, good luck to everyone just keep bd and it could happen don't just do it on the days you think you are supposed to ovulate my friend Julie is pregnant and knows the exact day the only time they had unprotected and it was 2 days after her af, best of luck!!!


lovemy3 - April 25

Thanks for the encouragement, never lose hope.


angelgabby84 - April 25

Hi cspears99!! Well that is great news. I too have discovered that i o about cd26 and i also hev very bad ovulation pain. But this just shows that there is hope Good luck to you. ~ ~ *baby dust* ~ ~


Apalonia - April 26

Hi Guys,
That's very interesting because this month I could tell I was ovulatin around CD21 and I was surprised, I thought it could not be real. I always read that you ovulate 14 days before AF, but not necessarily on CD 14. I'm on clomid so I am now on the 2ww, I hope it works. I have tried 2 IUI's and failed.



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