Will we ever be able to get pregnant?
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Pitt - November 21

Here is our story. My husband and I have been ttc for 7 months now. I am not sure if we will ever be able to have a baby though. When my husband was 18 months old he had surgery, because both of his testicals had not desended and both had Hydrocele Hernias. They had to remove one testicle because it was dameged beyond repair.
Does anyone out there now if a man could be fertile after this has happened to them as a boy? He has not been checked yet, because the doctor said we should try for about a year first. It is so frustrating!!!!!!!


bump - November 23



Jenny - November 23

Pitt: I had a friend of mine who also lost one testical from cancer at a young age (I think he was around 15). I know he went on to have a baby years later. Your dh should get checked out! My doctor told me to wait one year - it will be our one year in end of Dec. early Jan. and still no baby. To be honest, I'm sorry I waited!! My dh just got checked and he is fine. I am going for my tests at the end of December if we don't get pg by then. Good luck to you and I wouldn't wait. YOU should call the shots, not your doctor!!


dea - November 24

I agree with Jenny...Pitt, you need to be your own advocate. Drs. keep you running in circles. (Especially if they find something wrong) The tests will be endless. Best of luck. "Be pushy but polite" is my motto! DUST!


wonderin - November 24

im not for sure, but i just want to wish you good luck!!! i wish you and your husband the best of luck tryin to concieve, and i hope everything works out for the best!!


Audrey - November 24

I don't understand why the doctor won't do a simple semen analysis? That way you aren't wondering for a year what is going on with his little swimmers. I would ask for one. Good luck!!


Justine - November 24

Pitt - Your husband could still be fertile - you should get a sperm test done now to see that. I wouldn't wait a year - its a simple test, they should do it now. My husband had 1 undescended testes - we tried to conceive for 2 years then got tests done and his results were not good. We were told we would never have children naturally and had to do IVF with ICSI (women does IVF then sperm are injected into eggs). I've just given birth to a baby girl via our first ICSI attempt so there are ways round it if there's a problem. Hope you can conceive naturally. Good luck ttc.


babygirl - November 25

Good Luck!


me - November 27

I am a huge advocate of being proactive with your fertility. Since I don't know your history, I would make sure you get an HSG and other tests to make sure you are healthy too. It is good for couples to both undergo testing at the same time, so you don't waste any more emotions and effort. I would tell your dr that you want the semenalysis now, not in a year, especially if you were trying to at least 7 months already. If he refuses, explain that you will be going to another dr, who is more proactive and open to ruling out the infertility basics. It is a simple and basic test for the man, and should be one of the first things done. You may also want to consider going to an RE if you are not already. Good luck!



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