WHYNOTME..are you still around?
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slowpoke01 - March 1

hey girl. all us girls who chatted with you on the sperm donor thread are wanting to make sure that everything is going alright. i didnt know if you still came on this site or not but i thought that i would try and see if maybe you are still around. how is the pregnancy going? do you know what you are having yet? any names picked out? well i hope that you come on here and see this. we are all still keeping in touch but we didnt have your email address so i was hoping that you still came on here and checked on us from time to time. take care.~Jamie~


slowpoke01 - March 1



thayward7 - March 1

bump : )


slowpoke01 - March 2



linds99 - March 2

I thought she already got pregnant last October?? I remember she had her first prenatal last October or so...


linds99 - March 2

I just found this posting...she is pregnant, several months already, maybe go on the third trimester board to look for her? ....Name: whynotme | Date: October 26, 2006, 10:53
Answer: Hey girls! Well I had my first prenatel visit yesterday and everything seemed to be fine. The Dr. did tell me that I have a tilted uterus which is causing my cervix to sit very low towards my va-jay-jay (LOL). She asked me if I had ever been told that my uterus is tilted and I said "NO". You mean to tell me I have been seeing a gyno since my teens and I am now 29 and no one has ever told me that!! She said that it's nothing to worry about, that when the baby starts to grow it will straighten out. It is causing a little pain and sex with hubby is out until that darn cervix moves out of the way. I didn't get an u/s, but they scheduled me for next week. I have no idea why they didn't just do it yesterday so that I didn't have to come back. I assume it's because they want my $20 copay again! HE HE..... As for the genetic testing you guys are talking about. I would never get the invasive ones that have chances of causing misscarriage. However, I am going to get the standard blood testing that they do to determine any spinal problems or downs. She explained to me that the benefit of having this was to prepare yourself, family, house etc. if in fact the baby has downs. I would imagine that it something you want to prepare yourself for. Anyway as for the benefits of finding out if the baby has any spinal problems, it is helpful to know, because at birth they will need to take special precautions and be prepared for the babys care. It just makes sense to me, but everyone is different. Well have a wonderful day ladies!! =


tonia - March 2

hey ladies got to maymommies dot piczo dot com you might see her there! She is also found on the third trimester board on may babies #5 thread! She doesn't post very much, but maybe you can post to her! How are you ladies dioing? Are you still taking a break for ttc?


montie75 - March 20

Hey Tonia!! I believe that we will all be starting our TTC methods come this May. Please keep in mind that I can't speak for Slow or Thayward, however I am pretty sure my thought process is correct. I do keep in touch with both of them. How are things with you?



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