why is my cycle so short??????????
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Christina - November 27

AF has always been regular, that I know for sure. However, I have only been charting the past 2 months, & each month AF has only been 18 days! Why? I know that with an 18 day cycle I am not Oing. How can I lengthen my cycle, & why is it so short???? Please help!


Christina - November 27



T - November 28

How do you know you are not o'ing? You might have a low prog level. You need at least 10 days after o without spotting to ensure a preg. can stick. But you can def o with a shorter cycle. that is not the problem. You need to have bloodwork. Clomid can also lengthen your cycle. Time for dr. Hope this helps.


Christina - November 28

Thanks T. I am fairly sure that I am not Oing because all of my OPKs were negative, my temp. has not changed more than .3 degress during my cycle & I never got any CM, let alone any EWCM. I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled in two weeks, I just don't understand why, all of a sudden, my cycle has decided to shorted itself by 7-9 days!



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