Why can't i get pregnant
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Angela Russell - January 22

Okay are y'all ready for a long one ! When i was 15 my parents forced me to abort my 1st pregnancy ...Now i am 19 and i have a great boyfriend, job, all that good stuff. I have been having unprotected sex for like 9 months(no BC nothing) ..and not that i am really trying, but i still have not got pregnant .. Could my abortion be why or what, because most 19 year olds i know have no problem getting pregnant, and i can't seem to figure out why when i was 15 it happened within weeks and now i am actually wanting a baby and i get nothing but Auntie Flow every month ( i guess that's what happens when your selfish and you take the lords blessing) if anyone else had this problem let me know, maybe i won't feel like i'm being punished


linds99 - January 22

Sometimes abortions can leave scar tissue that may need to be eliminated in the uterus. And don't think that God is punishing you. Although I personally do not advocate abortion, and do believe baby's are Lord's blessing, we are not supposed to judge. God also forgives our mistakes. You need to let your conscious be free of this. Go see a doctor and vaginal ultrasound to make sure everything is clear. Good luck.



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