Who had IUI resulting in V infection? (is it common?)
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CJRA - July 25

I was wondering how common is it for IUI to result in an vag. infection? This was my 1st, and just learned of someone else who had 5 IUI's and had an infection each time. Thanks.


slowpoke01 - July 26

im not real sure since i am using donor sperm, anitbiotics are automatically mixed with the sample to help prevent infections..you may ask your doctor about it


linds99 - July 26

I got a very heavy clumpy yeast infection after my first IUI. It sucks because I couldn't treat it because I had to use the progesterone suppositories. I'm not looking forward to my next IUI next month (since it didn't work this month.)


isa - July 26

Hey CJRA I've had 7 iui's and no vag infections and I am prone to them (have been all my life). For Linds99, we use progesterone suppositories rectally and they give less a chance of yeast infections (according to my fertiity doc) so you could do it that way and also use monistat vaginally if need be. They are also from what I hear less messy when used rectally than vaginally. We use them 2x/day, 12 hours apart .


Tracy88 - July 26

CJRA, I know this is a bit off topic but, I had a sonohysterogram about a month or so ago, and got an infection from that.



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