When will I ovulate on Clomid??
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jal239 - May 10

I am currently taking 150mg of Clomid (CD3-10). I am on cd 7 today and am just wondering a window of time that people ovulate after taking Clomid. I am going on vacation on Sunday (May 13-22) & will not be around to have bloods drawn and ultrasound done at fertility office. Just wondering if I could possible ovulate during my vacation (cd 10-18). We will be going to Hawaii and it would be a great gift to come home w/ a little one. This vacation is just what I need after 3 months on Clomid and a miscarriage on hte second month. Thanks everyone!!!!


jlee27 - May 10

Hi jal. I am on 50mg of clomid (cd 3-7) and I usually ovulate between cd 14-16. I am also doing IUI so they give me an hcg shot to make me ovulate when my follicles are the right size. It is very possible you could ovulate when you are on vacation. I hope that helps. Have fun in Hawaii!


jal239 - May 10


Thanks so much. Good luck to you!!!!


mother2Bsoon - May 10

Hey jal239! Usually, you ovulate between 5 to 9 days after the last pill. You should take a few opks with you. Take them in the afternoon to evening times. That will let you know if you get a surge. Good luck to you. I got my BFP on my second round of clomid 50MG CD5-9. I am now 8wks and 4 days. Many baby blessings!


jal239 - May 10

Thanks mother2bsoon:




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