when to start counting???
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Karen - November 4

I read recently on a website about fertility that you start counting cd1 when you have your first day of "normal flow" not spotting. If this is the case then i have been counting wrong.. can someone clear this up for me??? Thanks.


Ericka - November 4

Hi Karen. I know how confusing the counting can be. I always spot before af so I was confused for a while also. Everything I've read says that you are suppose to start counting the first day of red flow. The spotting is counted as part of your previous cycle. Hope this helps.


Molly - November 4

Hi Karen, i have the same question... I am on Clomid and have been counting day 1 as spotting. I hope that is right!!!


Karen - November 5

I guess I will call my ob about this... I don't know. I have been counting day 1 when I first start spotting, which is always brownish. After 2-3 days it becomes normal red flow. I am starting clomid next cycle so I want to be sure I do it the right day! Thanks to Ericka and Molly for responding and good luck!


jj - November 6

I was told by my clinic the first flow day is when your normal flow is there and not to count any spotting days. Spotting days are counted towards your last af not your new one. Your best to check with your clinic thou as we also have rules about timing. If my af comes before 2 or 3 pm it counts as that day for day 1 but if it comes after then its the next day is counted day 1. With meds you should doubly make sure your starting them on the day your doc wants you to start on them.


T - November 6

normal flow



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