when is is safe to try after laproschophy?
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Christina - May 3

I recently had surgery i had laproscophy, hysteroschophy and d and c, they told us tow weeks to wait and i am eager to try again to catch when i am ovualting, it has been 12 days since the surgery i go back next monday to our dr. i feel good does anyone think it would be ok or should we wait for the ok from the dr.?thanks for any advice


Melissa - May 3

Hi Christina, I have not have any of the procedures, but I would think that as long as you are not expriencing pain you could on the 14th day since they said to wait 2 weeks. Have you been charting your BBT?


rebecca - May 3

Hi christina. I'm waiting to have a laparoscopy, i have a three year old daughter but have been ttc for about a year now. How long had you been trying before they did the procedure? Are you still in any pain?


christina - May 3

i was in pain the first few days now i feel great thank God, it wasnt really bad at all, we have been trying 7 years, through fertility that we spent a fortune and now we are hoping this will help, my regular obgyn is an amazing, sensitive man, with a warm bed side manner so it helped us through this. He said he has aplan for us so we are still hopeful, all my best to you all.



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