what is RE as i am seeing my gynec for infertility
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stacy - October 21

what is RE as i am seeing ob/gynec for infertility ,i read u shud go to RE..but what is it?


eb - October 21

re is a fertility specialist. Reproductive(something)Most gyn's will refer you to one after they complete some test ...


Jen - October 21

RE is a reproductive endocrinologist. I've just been referred to one after I visited my regular doctor as I'm having problems ttc. I don't know how it differs to an ob/gyn but I've been told that my first visit will include a complete medical history, pap smear, blood tests and an u/s. Does this differ to your first visit to your ob/gyn?


Mega - October 21

An RE has all the training a regular OB/GYN has plus extra schooling in infertilty, including experience in ART, & often specializing in conditions like PCOS, or endometriosis (sp?). Often times REs take a more aggressive approach to fertility & they also tend to more close monitoring during cycles. At least that's the case in my experience. Good look to everyone!


stacy - October 21

thanx for the info,but i had blood test,hsg,u/s at my og/gynec. ihope she will make me pg



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